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We see the tattoo -- it's the Cuban flag, upside down, with a fish symbol in the middle. Delko notes, "Interesting tat -- the flag's upside down." Horatio replies, "Yes, that is the international symbol for distress, isn't it?" Is there an international symbol for Shut Up? Because I could use that right about now. Anyway, Horatio continues to lecture, "And the fish...the ancient symbol for Christian resistance." Well, it was actually a password ritual -- if two strangers met and were unsure about one another, one would draw an arc in the earth as they talked; the other one, if he was a Christian, would draw a second arc and complete the symbol. But Horatio's right -- and really, when is he not? Is there nothing he doesn't know? -- about the symbolism. Delko provides a little more tattoo context when he points out that Catholic leaders in Cuba also adopted the fish symbol for the anti-Castro rebellion, which would mean that the victim was a political prisoner. Horatio says, "And it also means that we could have a political mess."

Naturally, the person to turn to in times of political delicacy is Megan, so in the next scene, we see her walking with Horatio and telling him, "If he was living on U.S. soil [beat], he would have been processed [beat] at Krome [beat] Detention." And Horatio, as a policeman in a city with a thriving Cuban population, would not have known this at all. The whole point to this exchange is to point out that there would have been prints on file for this man. Oh, and that we're apparently assuming it's a man we're dealing with. Also, to establish that our political prisoner was probably not swimming from Havana to Miami, but rather availing himself of the freelance shipping industry that runs between the U.S. and Cuba. As Speedle explains to Megan and Horatio, "He was from Cuba, and he was making a freedom run...based on where the shark was caught, and simple geography, it's a straight shot from Mantanzas or Villa Clara to Miami. You know what that means? Elian." Megan elaborates, "Our, uh, victim wasn't on the boat alone." Horatio commands Speedle to call the Coast Guard, "make a friend," and take Delko with him. "Aye-aye," Speedle replies, and saunters off.

Cut to a close-up of an eye encased in a heck of a lot of eye makeup. This must be the Calleigh scene. I wonder if they'll explain the war paint someday -- perhaps Calleigh's always getting accosted by department store makeover artists and she's just a girl who can't say no. Anyway, it's Calleigh looking at a bullet. Horatio comes in and asks, "You got something for me?" Calleigh replies, "I got a question. How did I end up getting less screen time than a prosthetic arm?" Oh, she does not. Horatio engages in a little ballistics humor by saying, "Shoot." Calleigh asks, "How old are you?" "Forty-five," Horatio answers. I take a moment to check IMDB to see if I can confirm this. Oh my God, did someone who hates him put that picture up there? ["Seriously. He looks like that puppet from Tales from the Crypt." -- Sars] Also, Caruso's 46. We find out that the round Alexx dug out of the body was a .45. Horatio and Calleigh agree that the round came from a Colt. Then he zips off.

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