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Holy cow, it's a scene with neither Horatio nor Megan. I...I...I don't know what to do. It's so unfamiliar. Anyway, Speedle and Delko get out of the CSI Humvee and walk over to where a dilapidated boat is listing against a dock. They shake hands with Speedle's new Coast Guard friend, Martin, and Martin tells them that they had "four choppers doing coastline patrol -- got a chopper on an insurance job called it in." The words, they are in English, and yet, I can make neither heads not tails of them. Martin asks, "What kind of boat are you guys looking for?" Speedle replies, "The kind that has blood in it." Well, he's to the point. But that blood could muss Delko's pretty linen shirt.

And now, we're climbing aboard the Luna Nueva. Delko's stopping to measure some tire tracks in the sand near the boat -- which leads me to believe that Martin had met the Bob-whites at the site where the boat had beached, as opposed to the Coast Guard actually pulling it into some kind of holding area, which is what I had thought earlier when Martin asked, "What kind of boat are you guys looking for?" and the camera zoomed back to show many small seafaring craft. You know, I'm probably thinking too much about this, or expecting any of the random "clues" tossed our way to make contextual sense. God, this show frustrates me.

Anyway, Speedle announces that he's got tracks, and one of the tires is bald. Delko gives him a thumbs-up and goes back to wandering around the Luna Nueva. The boat's missing its hull identification number. Speedle's supremely uninterested, as he's taking super-duper close-ups of the tire tracks.

We get a panning shot so we can remember that Miami happens to be located near a lot of water, and then Speedle climbs on the boat as Delko says, "Freedom run gone wrong." The two men poke around, and Speedle finds a rosary; holding it aloft, he notes, "This didn't work too good." That's why you have to get the glow-in-the-dark ones; they're both a contemplative tool and a way to see in the dark. Delko's found an empty asthma inhaler, prompting Speedle to muse, "Artifacts and abandonment." We flash to a chaotic reconstruction of what must have happened -- in the squall that's only been referenced once since the beginning of the episode (and that was on the radio), the boat is capsizing. Back in the present, Delko asks if Speedle feels suspicious. I have a feeling suspicion is a brainstem function for Speedle. The two men continue to poke around the boat as vaguely Latin music plays. Inside the main cabin, Delko finds a waterlogged note and calls, "Hey, Speedle! What do you think you can do with this?" Speedle, who looks both hot and bothered, asks, "What -- here or back at the lab?" No answer from Delko, which is kind of a meta-comment on this show's approach at large, I think.

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