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Just as Horatio's measuring this response, Megan goes over to the grieving woman and plays her dead-husband card. After establishing themselves as sorority sisters in grief, one woman tells the other that the dead girl's name was Elena, and as she's the niece, she's probably Pedro's sister. Basilio herds the two of them out before Megan can dredge up any more personal trauma in an effort to get information. Once they're outside, Basilio lets them know what's what: "Those are my people in there." Horatio makes a Horatio-style apology: "I meant no disrespect, Basilio." Basilio's not done, probably because he's only heard one apology: "They are in mourning. This is not an interrogation." And here comes Megan "Political Animal" Donner, protesting, "We were [beat] up front about our intentions." Basilio gives her a Grissom: "You cannot go to the well and drink it dry." Megan fails to comprehend, and protests, "We need to speak to that boy." Just then, Horatio falls in behind her, "And we'll get a warrant if we have to." Why can't he just talk to Basilio a little later and quietly get his statement then? This way, Basilio keeps his political capital within the community, Horatio maintains excellent relations with his contact, and the case gets solved. Why must we have a moment like the one we're about to have where Basilio protests, "Us Cubans are a proud people. ¿Que no?" Horatio responds, "Nos vemos, amigo." ("We see, my friend.") The camera pulls out so we can see all of Little Havana giving Megan the hairy eyeball.

Back at command central, Alexx is striding through the hall, and she tells Horatio, "Heard you hit some kind of dead end." Horatio admits that he has. Oh, he has not either -- he's just an overly linear thinker. Before Alexx can give Horatio the results on Elena's postmortem, he has to deal with Speedle. Horatio asks Speedle how they're coming along with the note; Speedle's all, "We're not." Horatio asks what Speedle means by that, and Megan tells him, "I pulled Speedle off the note for the surveillance footage. My call, not his." Horatio takes this far too calmly, and tells Speedle to finish the footage, then get back on the note. Delko's off doing Tae Bo, so he can't help. Oh, wait. He's right in the room -- he's just been given the order to "roam and assist." Yep, there's nothing like not being trusted with anything to do. Megan's tasked with trying to get DNA samples off the rope, then writing her job description fifty times for punishment. Well, she's tasked with one of those things, anyway. Horatio finally turns his attention back to Alexx. She tells Horatio that Elena's wound shows evidence of gunshot residue and stippling, and the wound tract shows traces of a synthetic fabric that can't be connected to Elena's clothing. The other, more interesting news, according to Alexx, is: "She had significant levels of albuterol in her system." Horatio points out, "She was asthmatic. We found an inhaler on the boat." Alexx continues, "My guess? Bronchospasms triggered by some kind of stress." Horatio sees Alexx's spasms and raises her an overmedication. We see Elena huffing her inhaler on the storm-tossed boat as her medallion gleams in the inexplicable light. Alexx can roll with that: "Her heart went into dysrhythmia -- a condition that doesn't go well with a severed femoral. And that tourniquet didn't buy her a lot of time." The camera swoops so that, instead of getting a shot of the Horatio/Alexx tête-à-tête, we now get the BumCam, and Horatio's off to do God knows what.

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