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The manager then takes us into a flashback where the irate Asian convenience store manager from three stories ago is worked up over the goop on his uniform, and is sharing his displeasure with the laundromat at the top of his lungs. While this is going on, the very drunk Andy is wheeling the equally drunk Chase around the laundromat in a cart. The manager had a little meltdown, headed outside for a Yoo-Hoo break, and when he came back, he noticed Chase slumped in the dryer. "I didn't know if he was dead or not," the guy says. Nicky snorts in reply before saying, "Bus bench? Hospital? I can see how you'd make the mistake."

The manager feebly protests, "You have any idea what the liability would be on something like that?" Nicky says sarcastically, "I'll let you know." That this sort of thing is even a plausible consideration -- that a business entity's welfare is automatically held to be a greater moral good than a human life -- is a pretty sad commentary. The manager snivels, "I was just hoping that somebody would find him and take care of him." And you couldn't because…? Urgh. Nicky is going to need a cleansing detox shower after this.

Nicky snaps, "Hey, you found him." There's a pause and he adds, "You put him in the dryer." We see now that we're talking to Andy. Andy's all, "Uh-uh," and Nicky replies in the same tone, "Uh-huh. Chase can't even lock himself in those things. They lock from the outside. I matched your print off the handle. I got it off the school's safe kit." Andy's mom is quite horrified that she raised a drunken little monster who fluff-and-folded his best friend. Andy responds by barfing all over the table. Good. For once, they've featured a kid on this show who's merely an idiot and not a scheming psychopath. Let's call that progress!

And now, Nicky is going home. He walks through the lab slowly, looking like he's been tossed in the dryer for a few rounds. As Nicky passes Gil, the older man asks sympathetically, "Rough shift, huh?" "Just another day in paradise," Nicky replies, because it'll say more than actually recounting the craven pageant that unfolded on his case. And then Gil heads off as Judy says, "Crime lab, how can I help you?" -- signaling that we're right back where we were in the middle of the first story, the wheel of crime and solution rolling right along.

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