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The girl pleads that she's had the worst morning ever, and DemiPimp snaps that she did not because "Cris is dead!" He's got a gentle way with the ladies, that one. The girl rushes off, and DemiPimp remarks ruefully to Warrick and Vartann, "It's a tough business." Yes. When you're a bimbo wrangler, you don't have time to cry from the pain.

Warrick somehow manages to make it back to the Labitrail before DemiPimp can work around to "I rocks in the East and I rolls in the West." As Warrick strolls into Hodges's lab, he calls the tech's name. Unfortunately for Hodges, he's under the sink inspecting the pipes, face mask covering his mouth and nose, and the summons makes him rear up and bump his head. It's comedy gold.

Hodges manages to bite back the "Arrrgh" to ask, "What do you want?" Warrick's distracted: "What are you doing?" "Looking for leaks," Hodges says, paranoia soaking every syllable. Warrick says in exasperation, "Call Facilities. You got my results?" Hodges snaps back, "If you knew what grew on these pipes, you'd be on your hands and knees with me." Warrick asks for the results from Cris's fingertips. Hodges is all, "Fine," jerks aside the face mask in a supreme act of peevishness, and rattles off the results: nonoxynol-9, which is fairly compelling evidence that Cris handled a condom at some point; a hair gel, which is fairly unsurprising, what with the hair found on her too; and self-tanner. Warrick muses, "She had hair under her fingernails, so she could have scratched her attacker's scalp." "Not my job," Hodges says with a shake of the head.

Warrick then heads over to Jacqui's lab. She tells him she got four work-card permits from the prints in the trailer: Dana Simmons, Candice Mosti, Lane Kelly, and Cris. All four girls have one thing in common: their work history all lists their most recent job as "Royal Flush Models." Prior to that, their work histories are a little more mundane. Dana was a coffee barista, Candice was a high school tutor and a sales clerk, Lane was a restaurant hostess, and Cris was a Tangiers waitress and a sales clerk. So now I have all sorts of questions about the work ID cards. When do you get them? Does the job have to take place in the casino? Because I'm wondering what kind of high school tutor works out of the Tangiers, say. Also worth noting: Cris is a mere 29, not 30. Warrick mutters something about Cris's employer thinking of her as over the hill and Jacqui says, "Please tell me you're kidding." Warrick replies, "This town has different standards." If they can be called that. Jacqui looks shocked. God knows why -- it's not like she flies to work in a bubble from a remote Alpine village in which the beauty myth is used to scare children at bedtime. Anyway, it takes Warrick mere seconds to notice that Cris and Candice weren't just coworkers. They were also roommates.

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