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Strangers On A Chorus Line

Kelly finally speaks: "She was the one who picked the movie and made the date." Gil pegs the motive for Audrey's murder with, "But that's all she did, isn't it? Because just like in the movies, she had no intention of killing El Capitan De Slime. And that's when you started harassing her." We see a shot of this harassment, namely Kelly glaring at Audrey from across the street as Gil and Catherine stood on her doorstep, until a car pulled in and blocked her view and Audrey invited the CSIs inside. Catherine points out, "You'd killed for her, and now she wasn't holding up her end of the bargain." Gil adds, "You couldn't let her betray you, so unfortunately, she had to die too." We see how that happened in flashback. Gil wraps up with, "So you made it look like she'd committed suicide, and you planted Sugarman's gold chain in the hopes that we would think she killed him too." Catherine leads us all to the obvious conclusion that the only thing Audrey had on Kelly was a movie schedule, which she then tried to dispose of, only to be thwarted by Gil and his plunger.

After this narrative is laid out, Kelly says brightly, "Wow! That was a really good story. You guys must be movie fans yourselves." Gil says, "You're right. It's just a story. But the chemicals we found on your gloves and the extension cord that was used to kill Audrey? That's our proof." Gil rattles off the ingredients found, matches them to the drugstore products from whence they came, then matches those to Kelly's combination of balms. Gil finishes, "Yeah, it's a pretty good movie. The character that you've been playing, the character that Robert Walker played in the movie, he dies at the end." There's a pause while Kelly absorbs this. I take that to mean she'll be facing the death penalty.

In the next shot, we see Gil watching another noir at the Artypants Theatre; Catherine soon slides down next to him with her drink and her popcorn. Awww. She asks what she missed, and Gil deadpans, "Murder, seduction, deceit -- the usual." Catherine asks if this movie is one of Gil's favorites, and he pauses before answering thoughtfully, "Actually, I'm not a big fan of noir." This surprises Catherine. She collects her thoughts, then asks, "What do you like?" Gil answers all poignantly and symbolically, "I like silent movies." Oh, Gil, you coy deaf riddle wrapped in a mystery surrounded in soundproof nougat.

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