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Strangers On A Chorus Line

Meanwhile, in Brass's office, Catherine and her office "so casual, it practically qualifies as comatose" casual tank top are telling Brass that the gloves found in the trash match the palm prints on the murder weapon and the pay phone in the lobby. She adds, "Unfortunately, there were no epithelials inside the gloves because the cleaning woman had ammonia on her hands." Brass takes it in stride, since the 11:25 phone call from the theatre lobby to Audrey's home adds a whole new wrinkle to the case; as Gil points out, Audrey called Sugarman's cell from her home at 11:26, 11:27, and 11:28. After Catherine adds, "Well, obviously, she didn't make it home in one minute," Brass concludes that they're looking for someone else. Or they're looking at the possibility that Audrey can teleport, but this show has not yet reached the realm of transporters and intra-species intrigue, so let's go with Brass's theory for now. Gil asks if they're thinking about the mysterious redhead in the theatre, and Brass speculates that Audrey could have hired a pro. Catherine shoots that down with, "Well, if she couldn't pay for a powerful attorney, how could she pay for a hit man?" Gil corrects Catherine: "Hit woman." Brass mediates with, "Why don't we ask her?"

So they do. Or rather, they try to: it's dark by the time Brass, Gil, and Catherine make it over to Audrey's house; maybe they swung by In 'n' Out and got dinner on the way, and while In 'n' Out is tasty, it is by no means speedy. And what on earth does it say about me when I'm filling in mundane details of pretend people's lives to justify the odd timelines in television episodes? Anyway, it's dark, and all three of the players from the preceding scene are standing on Audrey's front porch, knocking on the door of her darkened house and listening to the sound of a phone off the hook. Well, that had to have happened recently; those things turn off after a few minutes. I know this only because I come home to a phone the cats have knocked into the next room a lot more frequently than I'd like.

Anyway, Brass reasons that there has to be another way in the house, and they head around toward the back patio door. It slides open easily, and as everyone enters the house, the only sound is the phone's off-the-hook signal. The phone is lying on the spotless white tile kitchen counter. Brass, Catherine, and Gil make their way through the kitchen and down the hall, flashlights bobbing in the blue-hued darkness, and as they enter the living room, they see Audrey's body hanging from the banister of hall above and dangling down. Catherine gives a first impression: "She used an extension cord, tied it to the railing, and must have jumped off." By this point, seasoned CSI viewers are already shouting, "Wrong!" Brass has the cell out, calling for a coroner, while Gil notices a chain on the floor by Audrey's feet. He flashes to the raw burn around Sugarman's neck and immediately intuits that this is the chain which caused that burn. Catherine, meanwhile, is still talking: "Our only suspect commits suicide. Convenient." Gil examines the chain and replies, "Too convenient."

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