Bad To The Bone

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Pity The Nevada Traveler

And then David launches into his "action items I accomplished" recitation -- he sent Emergency Backup David off with dental X-rays for identification, and he's taken a section of the mystery woman's femur. He also took a tissue scraping inside the pelvis and yanked a molar, because "If there's any usable DNA left, that's where it will be."

In another part of the Labitrail, Gil is reading The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (no, not really. The cover looked similar) when Catherine comes in to ask him how he knew there was another body at the hotel. Has she forgotten he's omniscient? Gil says he didn't know. He adds, "Tox and histology results came back on Walter Darien. Negative across the board. No drugs, no diseases." Ah, so Walter got high on life. Or high on making someone else's life miserable. He'd probable be incapable of grasping the distinction. Gil continues, "I don't get it. The guy was 38 years old, and this was his first arrest." Catherine deduces, "You're wondering what he's been doing all his life." Gil nods. Just then, Catherine's cell phone goes off. There's a strategic silence, and then she turns away from Gil -- who's looking a little put out that this is going on while Catherine's perched on his desk -- and purrs, "Why don't you hold that thought until later." Gil perks up, because the whimsical background music's just kicked in to tell us all how to react. Catherine turns around and breathlessly apologizes to Gil, adding, "A new friend." Gil cheers and pulls out her employee evaluation, saying, "So can we cross off the part where you got to have sex? And then can we never talk about it again? Or else I'm going to wish I was going deaf again." Catherine says, "You were going deaf? I don't remember that." Gil sighs and says, "That's okay. Neither does your daughter." Catherine: "My daughter? I have a daughter?" Gil snaps, "I know! It's news to the writers too!"

Okay, maybe some of that scene didn't happen. Only the icky parts did. Gil congratulates Catherine on her thriving social life, and then Liam pops in to save them from the genuinely awkward part of the conversation by providing distraction with his troll doll hair. Seriously: it's like Sara flat-ironed his hair, and then someone stiffened it with rubber cement. He asks, "You got time for something a little weird?" "Not now, Liam. Come back when we're not talking about Catherine's sex life," Gil orders. Oh, he does not. Catherine just gives Liam a look like, Since when have you actually gotten to the point in two sentences or fewer?

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