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Pity The Nevada Traveler

She then continues, "I raised him. I had to." We flash back to Walter pounding on her door in the middle of the night as the baby's outraged howls fill the air. He hands Beth the baby, then walks off. We don't see exactly what the baby's swaddled in, what shirt Walter's wearing under his jacket...nothing. Back in the present, Catherine says, "Middle of the night, your brother shows up and hands you a baby. You don't ask any questions, you don't report it?" Beth says that Walter gave her a story about the mother being a runaway who didn't want it. In this era of promgoers depositing their children in the trash before the DJ plays "Rock Lobster," that's entirely plausible. Gil asks how Martin got the scar on his forehead. Beth doesn't know. Gil suggests, "Or...you didn't want to know." Well, with Walter as her brother, can you blame her? Or is he suggesting that perhaps Beth's biological clock rang and she urged Walter to procure a baby? It's not clear here. I get that they're working around to Beth maybe being complicit in Marissa's murder, but they're not making the case at all, and there are, like, four minutes left in which to do so. I'll buy that she always figured the cops would come after her for raising a baby that showed up on her doorstep -- Lord alone knows how she finagled a birth certificate, and we certainly aren't finding out during this episode.

However, what Gil's alluding to is the possibility that Beth's all too aware of how Martin was introduced to the world, and we see yet another flashback of Walter preparing to raise the hunting knife in Fun With Backwoods OB/GYN Deeds!

Catherine tosses the note over, and Gil points out that they doubt Walter wrote the note. Beth says, "I'm not like Walter. When I opened that suitcase, and I saw the photograph, I didn't want the father to suffer." This is, in theory, a comment that our intrepid duo should be all over like white on rice. When was she at Walter's? Why was she opening the suitcase? How would she have managed to see only one half of the photograph? And if she didn't -- why didn't she express any curiosity about the mother? Or why did she lie when she said she had never seen Marissa (or her photo) before? Why should the father have any reason to suffer, unless Beth knew that keeping the baby was wrong? Where did she get the address?

I look forward to having all these questions answered in the next 180 seconds. No, really. Stop laughing like that.

Catherine points out that the suitcase was in Walter's closet, and Beth claims that she took it back because it was creeping her out. Catherine looks off to the side, as if shooting someone off-camera a look like, Jesus, you people couldn't be bothered to write anything more plausible? Have you noticed the time? Gil's giving them the same faintly peeved look from the other side of the table.

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