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Pity The Nevada Traveler

Anyway, Nicky finds a uniform from the Roadside Diner with a nametag reading "Libby," and calls Sara's name. Now he's got her attention. She calls his attention to the burn holes in the uniform -- please, tell us we're about to see Walter burning some young woman with lit cigarettes. Given this franchise's twin penchants for graphic depictions of violence and victimized-women flashbacks, it would not surprise me at all. Fortunately, all we get is Sara musing, "The guy takes on five cops in their house. Makes you wonder what he might have done to the waitress." Nicky gives her a startled look, as if to say, "Did he only tip ten percent?"

Down in the morgue, Gil heads on down to face his erstwhile attacker. David asks caustically, "Didn't get enough of this guy in the interrogation room?" Gil ducks that question and asks one of his own about the cause of death. David replies, "Well, it wasn't the nightstick action. Cardiac arrhythmia. His heart rate increased until he went into tachycardia. Started throwing PVCs and then V-fib." Well, thank God we had the background music to tell us otherwise. Gil asks if there were any prior conditions, but David didn't find any. Gil notes that Walter was all jacked up prior to his sudden demise, and David points out that there aren't any visible signs of drug addiction. Gil asks about the hot felon, asking David to check him and see, since he had a fever of a hundred and three -- and David's all, "Ah! Nothing to see here, my friend! The writers couldn't be bothered to unearth any sort of malady that could indicate or explain elevated aggression, unlike the episode where the guy bugged out on the airplane because of the pressure in his head."

Or maybe I'm just projecting. David tells him that 98.6 degrees is just an average, and some people run hotter. Gil does not ask, "Five degrees hotter?"

And now, Walter's next of kin is getting the news about her brother. It looks bad at first, since Beth Darien's first statement is, "He was killed in police custody," and you can practically see Sheriff Xander steeling himself for the inevitable tsunami of lawsuit-related press, but then Gil comes in and magically makes it all better. He tells Beth, "I was in the room with your brother," thus allowing her to see the big bruise on his neck. She eyes it and asks, "Is that how he touched your life?" Gil elects to ignore that question too, and shares the autopsy results. Beth replies, "I don't care how he died. I'm just relieved that it's over." Sheriff Xander excuses himself so he can do his celebratory jig in the hall, out of the sight of the bereaved. Beth continues, "Walter hurt a lot of people. If you had something he wanted, he just took it. And if you got in his way...I always kept my distance." Gil declines to address this directly either -- probably for the best -- and doggedly pursues his line of inquiry, asking about Walter's high temperature, and Beth says Walter always ran hot, even as a kid. She apologizes to Gil for Walter, and he uncomfortably pulls up his shirt. God forbid he should identify with anyone who might have also been hurt by Walter. It wouldn't do to try and understand the killer from that perspective.

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