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A sensitive look at weight in America

Meanwhile, back on Catherine's plot, the beaver dam has been removed and spirited back to the lab. Those are going to be some angry rodents there -- it's not enough someone grabbed their house, but they've lost their life savings too. Catherine's busy telling lab flunkies the procedure for counting the money, and they're all, "You know, we did manage to respire and perform basic, trained-monkey functions long before you got the spite promotion." As Catherine strides through the Labitrail, Warrick calls out, "Hey, Cath, I think I got an ID off the victim's ring...the AFFA. It only lasted a few years, and only one player wore the number 12 for the Greenbacks. He was a wide receiver...Gabe Miller. [He] fits the general description."

Well, Brass is off following up. Let's hope that general description also includes the adjective "faceless," because that's what the body's looking like. David tells Nicky that "Minimal hemorrhage around the head wound suggests the heart was destroyed first. Close to contact SGW caused extensive pulpification of the heart and bilateral hemothoraces." Aside from being an excellent name for a Joy Division tribute band, the bilateral hemothoraces are accumulations of blood on both sides of the pleura covering the lungs. Nicky's all, "I think the guy used a sawed-off shotgun," and when David presses him on it, he replies, "Hey, chump. All the guys I murder when I set up practice crime scenes look a lot like this." Oh, he does not. But aren't you chomping at the bit for Nicky to have some shocking kink in his personality at this point? No? Anyway, Nicky explains that the striae in the shotgun shell indicate someone who did a hasty job in sawing off a shotgun barrel, thus leaving a burr in the edge of the barrel and raking the edge of the shell.

Nicky continues to explain how the shells would have affected Gabe Miller, and David's amused. Nicky's all, "I'm glad to see you find his name so funny. I personally thought it was charmingly old-fashioned." Noooooo. It turns out that David happens to recognize him as "the new councilman from Ward 7. Interesting story -- he played pro football --" "Yeah, wide receiver for the Vegas Greenbacks, right?" Nicky asks. Why, yes. Well, Gabe's ring is on the dead guy's finger. So unless Las Vegans are in the habit of electing the deteriorating to public office -- as opposed to the merely prevaricating, obfuscating, and occasionally grating --- then a new question's been tossed into this case. How did the dead guy end up with Gabe Miller's ring?

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