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Beware the best intentions

And now, it's time to get six minutes of justice for Rajeeb Khandewahl. Y'all are all saying, "Who?" Go ahead -- skip back to page one and refresh your memories: Radiohead-loving cabdriver, beaten to death by an angry mob? Remember him now? Gil walks into Liam's lab and asks him where they're at. Liam's all, "I paged you, like, ten times." Gil replies, "I was busy." "Well, so was I," Liam replies. Sassy! This is so much more fun than goofball Liam and Gil the disapproving father figure. Liam processed all the DNA from Rajeeb's clothing, then compared it to the DNA from the mob, and managed to reconstruct the events. Because I'm all squeamish about watching someone get beaten to death, I'm not going to elaborate on who did what. The intro's pretty snazzy, though: Gil looks at the board and says, "All I see is a sheet." Liam replies, "What I do is art, and now I'm ready to unveil it." He then makes a quip about The Match Game and recounts all the jackballs who were exercising their Constitutional right to beat the bejeesus out of anyone who looks different from them. Wait -- there isn't any such right? Then won't it be fun to see what happens when these guys realize that. Gil and Liam briefly commiserate over the fact that only six of the twelve men can be pegged on specific actions based on physical evidence. Gil ponders this.

Then he goes outside and breaks out the Osmont Cam to reconstruct Todd and Rajeeb's deaths.

Cut to Gil telling the camera, "The mob mentality relieves individuals from having to distinguish between right and wrong." Actually, he's talking to Brass, who replies, "Anonymity shields them from prosecution, though." Gil says disgustedly, "Yeah, six of them, to be exact. Unfortunately, physical evidence is limited by human action." Brass reminds him, "Well, nothing's absolute, Gil. Even forensics." Gil says, "Well, this is as far as we can take it. It's up to you guys."

By "you guys," we mean Brass, and he's talking to Baldy, telling him, "The physical evidence confirms that you're the 'hero' who pulled the guy out of the cab." Baldy replies, "I'd do it again, too." His lawyer attempts to do damage control. Brass tells Baldy he's up for first-degree murder, and finishes by saying, "For the record, he didn't hit that boy. He wasn't trying to flee the scene. He was trying to reach his radio to call for help. You know who the real hero of this is? Rajeeb Khandewahl. The taxi driver. So. What does that make you?" Three guesses, the first two don't count, and I'll spot you the first letter. The attorney asks if the DA's willing to deal. Sure -- so long as Baldy hands over the other eleven people. Cut to Gil watching and nodding in satisfaction, and the episode ends on that note, with Gil watching how old-fashioned police work fills in the gaps that forensics can't.

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