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Beware the best intentions

Meanwhile, in a tranquil suburb somewhere in the San Fernando Valley -- or, as we like to call it on this show, "Las Vegas" -- a giant SUV pulls up. Sara gets out, wearing a bulletproof vest clearly designed to protect onlookers from the tie-dyed shirt she's wearing. Well, at least Nicky's not the only one running around in the vest now. She saunters over to Gil and tells him, "You know, you pulled me away from a forensic anthropology seminar, right? It's required. It's part of the continuing education program --" Gil snaps, "Well, I'm sorry, but everyone seems to have something to do today. I've got a teenager who was run over by a taxi. He wasn't hit by it, that's not what killed him. He was stabbed fatally. For now, I have no ID, no suspects, and no primary crime scene. I need you." Sara smiles, and asks, "How can I help?" What woman wouldn't melt after a recitation of a teenager's gory death?

Cue a big ol' investigating montage where Gil and Sara wander around looking for the trail of blood drops after Sara concludes that the stabbing took place elsewhere, and not near the crosswalk.

Even after the commercial, they're still walking the blood trail, if by "walking," you mean, "stopping every few feet to drop a marker and take a photo." Fifty-five blood drops later, they're at the edge of a grassy sward in a local park. Gil wonders where they'll pick up the trail. Sara figures the playground is right out, but "my money's on the basketball court." She and Gil exchange meaningful eyebrow raises, and then wander on over to the court. Totally off-topic here, but I love the music they're using in this scene -- it's like bluegrass gone techno. Meanwhile, Gil and Sara are trying to put a timeline on this event: the park gets dark at five, the kid was clearly there after dark, and in that case, he would have been hanging around wherever there were lights. Sure enough, when Sara and Gil head over to the lighted portion of the basketball court, they find blood droplets. Sara says, "This is our primary crime scene." And now, on to answer the pressing question, "Where is the knife what did this?" Sara looks around the park, mouth dropping open as she realizes that they're going to have to work the entire space. Gil comments, "It's a big dump site," and Sara struggles for composure as she says, "I'll, uh, order up some scent dogs, get some uniforms."

Back at the morgue, we do have a match between the mom reporting the kid missing and the kid on the slab. That's got to be a parent's worst nightmare.

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