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The nose knows

Gil then wanders over to offer some of his mojo to Catherine. No, it's not what you think. Catherine's filling him in: the deceased was evidently conducting a long-running experiment in which he attempted to give Dennis Fram a body-image disorder vis a vis spray-painted statements on his locker. The guidance counselor notes that Dennis always picked on Barry, but Barry would have never retaliated. "He's a good kid. He's non-violent!" she protests. "Well, then, this will be brief," Gil replies. You know, he may be coming off as typically obtuse here, but I can't help suspecting that Gil's using this case to work through some long-dormant issues concerning high school authority figures. Gil then follows the guidance counselor to her office while Catherine hovers around the defaced locker and flags down the janitor.

Dennis Fram, scared out of his gourd, is being quizzed by Gil. He's a little wigged out -- and indeed, who can blame him -- and after Gil says, "I'd like to do a test on your shirt," the poor kid's eyes practically bug out with fear while he gulps, "What kind?" "Forensic," Gil replies. Dennis gives the guidance counselor a terrified stare; she stares back, neglecting to mention how, as a minor, he really ought not be questioned without consent. Gil then opens up his forensic fun kit and tests the shirt for gunshot residue. Surprise! He finds it on Dennis's shirt. Dennis looks scared, but not surprised. The guidance counselor whispers, "Dennis!" in shock. In the understatement of the year, Gil says, "The police are going to want to talk to you."

And the police do. We come back from commercial break where Dennis -- who, in a shocking departure from TV casting tradition, really does look like an underclassman gripped in the merciless throes of puberty -- is explaining to Brass that yes, it is a coincidence that he happened to be at a shooting range the night Barry Schickel was killed. His sister will be happy to provide confirmation. Gil watches in careful observation as Dennis explains how he rents different guns every time he goes to the range. Suddenly, the sober man's Shannen Doherty bursts into the guidance counselor's office, bellowing that she wants to see her brother. Brass points out with some asperity that they're trying to conduct a police investigation; she rebuts, "My dad's back in town tonight and you'll be sorry you harassed my little brother." Because her dad can beat up Brass's dad. Brass goes to intimidate the sister -- who is also on the petite side, like her brother -- and the guidance counselor finally realizes that hey! they're questioning a minor without his parents' consent.

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