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The nose knows

Trepidation written all over her features, Catherine watches Dennis's sister mother him. Sis turns around and clarifies, "Dennis has a bleeding ulcer from being bullied by Barry Schickel." We flash to scenes of Dennis's daily degradation. "You don't know how hard it was for him. Trying to work up the courage every morning just to go to school. I thought my little brother was going to kill himself," Sis continues, her features contorted with worry. You know, I love my little brother like there's no tomorrow, and I was no slouch at beating up anyone who laid a hand on him in elementary school, but by the time he was in high school -- he was a short kid and a Magic-the-Gathering-playing band geek to boot, so it's not like he wasn't bully bait -- it was tacitly understood that we each fought our own battles. This is kind of...creepy. Catherine has a flash of intuition, asking Sis, "How tall are you?" "Five-four...with heels," she replies. Wuh-oh.

Meanwhile, Gil is carrying on about floral top notes and the complex compounds that go into perfumes. The computer chugging away in the background beeps, and "it" is identified: Chanteuse perfume. Oof, that's an unfortunate name. Gil explains to a dumfounded Warrick that the Cyranose 320's software was originally designed for perfume companies, as a tool for hacking their opponent's proprietary blends. His phone rings in mid-lecture, and it's Catherine; she's calling to tell him Sis is a suspect. "See if you can get a warrant for her perfume," he says. Puzzled, Catherine complies.

Cut to Brass interrogating Sis. She took the time to dress for the occasion. How...odd. Well, I guess everyone wants to make a good impression. She claims she was out driving around during the Schickel murder -- an unfortunate alibi -- and Brass asks, "So, what, your perfume just wafted in the boys' room off Highway 10?" Well, if it's a local highway, maybe. Otherwise, you're asking us to believe that Gil could smell her driving down an interstate in Arizona, and while Gil is good, he's not supernatural. Yet. Perhaps in season 3...anyway, Brass and Sis go round and round; she wears Chanteuse in honor of her dead mother, and so what if she does? Warrick tries to explain how the aroma "fingerprint" they isolated in the bathroom is that of Chanteuse, she wears Chanteuse, and according syllogistic logic, she's their prime suspect. It's a weak argument; Papa Fram is having none of it and orders the girl -- whom we finally learn is named "Kelsey" -- to leave with him. As soon as the Frams are out the door, Catherine says cynically, "Wears her dead mother's perfume. Nice touch." "Might be true. Scent triggers memory more acutely than any of the other five senses," Gil replies thoughtfully. Catherine's not terribly sentimental: "Well, I smell a rat in the Fram family."

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