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Back on track here: Gil is still at the accident scene. It's daylight, and he's commanding some brawny people, "I need the two front wheels: axles, suspension, all of it. The entire front undercarriage." He then turns to do something else, and is distracted by the sight of a non-CSI on the scene. Gil goes over to tell her, politely, that she's at a crime scene and it's off-limits. The woman turns around and sniffles that she was on the bus. We can tell because she's got all sorts of facial abrasions and one arm in a sling. There's a silent moment, and then Gil asks, in a tone parked halfway between confused and annoyed, "Why are you here?" The girl has no good answer for him; Gil watches her break down.

At the top of the scene, on the stretch of road leading to the accident, Sara is walking along the pavement collecting evidence, and Warrick is taking photos of the skid marks along the concrete barriers. As Warrick hunkers down to look more closely at the barrier, Sara tells us all what her issue is with evidence collection: "There's shreds of rubber everywhere. Between the crash and regular highway traffic, this might as well be the Indy 500. This could be from any vehicle." And yet, she's still going to have to bag it all. Warrick also has a few misgivings of his own: "I doubt this bus body-checked this K-rail." Sara walks over, registering the multiple skid marks in the road. She crouches lower to study the skid marks, and begins imagining the bus's likely path as it swerved in the road; we know this because we see, like, the Phantom Bus swerving. As Warrick walks over to her, the bus drives right through him and keeps going. Just as the Phantom Bus drives toward Sara, the wind blows her hair out of her face and she snaps to. Warrick stops snapping pictures long enough to comment, "You got that 'Sara' look." Sara, without taking her eyes off the skid marks, replies, "You mean that 'Grissom' look? Second set of skid marks -- Camaro." In the meantime, Warrick has a theory to bounce off of Sara.

Warrick: Grissom said the suspension gave on the bus, right? Broken rod arm. I'm thinking when that rod arm hit the pavement, it made this great first impression.
Sara: If this is the bus, the bus begins to slide right, the driver over-corrects.
Warrick: Crosses the highway, slams into that K-rail.
Sara: Meanwhile, the Camaro's holding steady in the right lane, heading straight for us.
Warrick: Bus bounces off the K-rail, heads back towards us.

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