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Boys Who Like Girls Who Are Boys

Cut to the patrolman telling Brass his side of the story: he clocked Wendy's car doing 90, so he nailed it. She told him she was being chased, and asked to show him some videos. Brass deadpans, "How were they?" The patrolman snaps back, "I didn't bite. [But] she was working it." Brass deadpans some more: "Rough duty." We then find out Wendy told the officer the car belonged to her brother and she had lost her license, but the officer let her off with a warning. Brass snarks, "So you had speeding, driving without a license, possible stolen vehicle...and you let her off with a warning." The patrolman would like to know what Brass is implying. Brass says, "She got off pretty easy. How about you?" The patrolman says, "I resent that." Brass says blithely, "Well, I'm sure she resented being sexually harassed and slaughtered two miles from the place you pulled her over!" The officer protests that he didn't even know about Wendy's death until he was called into Brass's office. Brass plows on, noting that the patrolman has a sexual harassment flag in his folder. "So that makes me a sex murderer?" the guy snaps. He has a point. Brass then implies that discovering Wendy's genital reassignment surgery made the guy snap. My question is, why is everyone on this case assuming it's so obvious? Was Wendy required to carry a tattoo on her thigh reading, "Warning: Contents may have been inverted after birth"? And then Brass hauls out the tired accusation that maybe this guy was driven to kill because he's gay. What is it with Brass and the theory that being a self-loathing closet case makes one homicidal? Is this one of those takes-one-to-know-one things?

To wrap up the Brass scene: the patrolman vigorously denies any goings-on with Wendy, and Brass is all, "You're on leave until we can confirm that." He then asks for the guy's DNA and the patrolman lobs a nice line with, "Just tell me where I spit." What I want to know: if this guy's cleared, what recourse does he have against Brass? I'm curious -- there's got to be some sort of "Sorry we thought you were a sex-crazed killer!" form Brass has to fill out, hasn't there?

Ooooh, Archie. Warrick and Catherine are there and there's some blah-blah-blah about evidence and fingerprints and whatnot, but we all know the whole point of the scene is to give us a long, lingering shot of Archie. Well, there's also the revelation that Walter Clancy (license and registration), erstwhile Riviera blackjack dealer, shares fingerprints with Wendy Garner, erstwhile dancer at the Tangiers. We get a shot of the computer screens Archie's using, and boy howdy, does Walter look like one of the people on the Sims box. It's almost as if his image were computer-generated...which it sort of is, after Archie does some monkeying around and everyone figures out that Walter turned into Wendy.

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