Fahrenheit 932

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Flame-broiled confrontation

Gil then drops some Sherlock Holmes-style deduction on Damon, impressing the imprisoned by deducing all sorts of details about Damon's life. As Gil comments that he has yet to figure out whether Damon's left-handed or right-handed, Damon convulsively curls his right hand in a ball and moves it out of Gil's line of sight. Gil then queries Damon as to what happened; Damon paints an uxorious picture of a man who went out to get his wife some ice cream in the middle of the night -- prompting me to ask my husband if he would run get me some Chubby Hubby if I promised not to do anything that would lead to his wrongful imprisonment while he was out -- and came back to find the house in flames. It's all very heartstring-tugging, what with the kid being in bed with his parents and everyone beaming. As we continue in pseudo-flashback, Damon is careful to point out that he didn't touch the door due to flashover. "Flashover?" Gil inquires innocuously. Damon replies, "When fire reaches about 932 degrees Fahrenheit, you add oxygen and the smoke will burst into flame. I know how fire behaves, Mr. Grissom, because I'm a volunteer fireman. I was hoping to make the department by spring." Damon concludes by saying he knew he couldn't open the door, and that he ran outside to hail a rig. Gil replies that Damon's training must have lent him familiarity with the role of accelerants in fires; he goes on to mention that traces of gasoline -- not hydrocarbons, as he was careful to argue to Brass earlier -- showed up in the closet.

Damon points out that he knew better than to keep anything like that in the house, and that the one (1) gallon of gas he bought one week prior to the fire went straight into the lawn mower kept in the shed out back. Damon kind of loses it -- it's pretty evident that he's really frustrated that nobody believes him, and angry that Gil's not taking his story on face value -- and as he says, "I need someone to believe me! To figure this out!" he puts his right hand on the Plexiglas window. There's a circular burn scar on his hand. Gil asks Damon how he burned his hand. "I don't remember," hedges Damon, who looks as though he damn well remembers how he got that scar; Gil says as much, noting that "people with third-degree burns don't forget how they got them," although the poor, confused deaf people in the audience are reading the line "people with first-degree burns don't forget how they got them" and asking themselves if they can recall the last time they got a mild burn. Anyway, Gil and Damon stare at each other a while; it's pretty hostile. Damon finally states, "You're not going to help me." Well, Damon, given that you're lying to the man and you both know it, why would he? Gil, however, gives him an assessing look and says, "I'm going to take your case. I don't know whether it will help you or not." His motive? God knows -- perhaps he's decided crossing Ecklie and extracting clues from a determined liar beats pushing papers.

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