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Rage On, Diary!

Fresh off that conversation, she tosses the master bedroom with Nicky and Sara. They're ALSing everything in sight, finding the occasional small bodily stain, a piece of lingerie, and another reason to question Easton on the front lawn. Can't they take it inside? Easton explains, "She came back about a month ago. The doorbell rings. What do you say?" How about "Where the fuck have you been"? "Is there a good reason you ruined my life, you heartless succubus"? "I don't suppose you're here to confirm that I'm really in Hell"? You could start with any one of those -- they're sufficiently open-ended. We flash back to the recently-dead Mrs. Easton, who kind of lists into the house and swerves all over the line between "free-spirited" and "crazy." Sara tells Easton that whatever he said, it must have worked if the evidence in the bedroom is anything to go by. Easton replies, "Well, they say time heals all wounds. It's crap. I hate her for what she did to us. But I swear, it was the first time I felt anything in five years." Sara just stares, baffled.

Upstairs, Catherine's still tossing the bedroom, and she finds some blonde hairs between the sheets. Meanwhile, Nicky's examining the son's room with the ALS, noting the collage of music and skate stickers on the wall, the messy bed, and the neat desk. Nicky sits down at a desk -- and discovers a rage diary! Of all the CSIs to page through a notebook featuring page after page of drawing detailing the assorted ways in which the human body can be folded, spindled, and mutilated after someone's been pushed over the edge...this is perfect. I believe I've achieved recapping nirvana in this scene as Nicky continues to page through the diary, possibly making a mental note to move his own Rage Diary to a location where the surviving CSIs can read it after he has his Day of Justice, possibly listing what pointers he can offer an aspiring massacre planner from his own hours of painstakingly documenting who's wronged him and how they will pay. Or, quite possibly, simply reading through the diary and trying to draw a psychological bead on the kid, Charlie.

Then Nicky's out on the curb, talking to Charlie -- I realize they're executing a warrant and all that, but can't they park the Eastons in the back, away from prying eyes? -- and Charlie's asking, "So she's really dead?" Nicky looks down at the black-clad kid and says, "Yeah. Yeah, I'm sorry." Charlie says, "Figures...she left without telling us. Figures she'd die the same way." Nicky says slowly, "I don't think your mom knew she was going to die, bud." He's got good intentions, but they're not going to undo five years of an absentee parent, so Charlie only says, "Whatever," before putting his earbuds back in and listening to his devil rock.

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