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Back at the A-plot, Catherine's sitting in on Nora's surprising medical exam. We get the results a moment later when Sara shouts incredulously, "She's a virgin? What are we talking about, the immaculate conception?" Catherine replies, "More like the immaculate perception." Frankly, I'm less shocked by that than by the sight of Catherine -- or any other CSI -- reading a book for information as opposed to spouting it on the spot or invoking the Discovery Channel. Anyway, Catherine tells Sara, "Pseudocyesis -- imagined pregnancy." Sara's having trouble with this concept: "It's all in her head. Well, that would explain what she was doing in Dad's bed." Catherine is slowly beginning to realize that she may soon have to eat crow -- I wonder if they've got the one who found the eyeball hanging around, for a nice bit of symmetry? She tells Sara, "Fantasizing. Wow. 'When the desire to become pregnant is so strong, hormone levels can change, setting off all biological signs of pregnancy.'" And now the home pregnancy test Nicky commented on comes back to haunt us. Sara comments, "Kind of makes sense -- hormones travel the same channels as adrenaline." Catherine recites some of the symptoms: "Swollen abdomen, lack of menstruation, and sometimes, bilateral galactorrhea." God help me, I hear "bilateral galactorrhea" and I expect to see Dirk Benedict fighting the Cylons. Catherine notes that the breast milk leakage can be brought on by stress. Well, we saw Exhibit A a few scenes back. And then we get a computer simulation of how pseudocyesis works, but it's so patently cheesy that I refuse to deal with it. Sara remarks, "The father was clueless." Catherine adds, "About all the women in his life." Just then, a punching bag for the opposite sex comes in, in the form of Nicky. He's here to tell us that the bloodstained shirt they found is linked to both Nora and Kelly, and that Liam found Kelly's epithelials on the bracelet.

Cut to Catherine talking to Nora again, asking her to explain how Kelly's blood ended up on her shirt. Nora cannot. Catherine then asks about the bracelet: "You told me this bracelet was a gift from your father. He claims that he bought it for your mother." This causes Nora to speak up: "No, no. It's mine." Catherine says, "I think you feel the same way about your father." Nora doesn't deny this. We see a flashback where she comes into her father's bedroom and sees Mom and Dad in assorted states of undress, with Mom opening the bracelet before kissing Dad. Cue the pseudocyesis. Moments later, as Nora's washing dishes downstairs, her mother sneaks up behind her, lilts, "Guess who's ba-ack," and gets a frying pan between the eyes for her trouble. Catherine takes us out of flashback by pointing out, "Then you put her in the freezer, and you waited until trash day." Nora disingenuously -- or delusionally -- says, "That's a horrible story." Catherine replies, "It's not a story. It's what the evidence tells us what really happened." This is the point where Nora goes over the edge: "What kind of a mother would do that? I'm helpful. I do what needs to be done." Catherine says calmly, "I know. You take care of things." Nora shouts petulantly, "I never ask for anything!" Catherine brings it home with, "And all you wanted was the one thing you couldn't have." Nora spits out, "It's not my fault! I'm innocent!" Catherine sets her straight by saying, "You were innocent, Nora. You're not anymore." Brass begins reading off the arrest statement to Nora, and as she rises and is escorted off, she begins crying: "But I'm going to have a baby!" She departs, and both and Catherine look like they could use a drink. Actually, so could I. Anyway, Brass sighs that Nora's going to retain an attorney who will pull the crazy card. Catherine's not surprised. Brass asks quietly, "Have you ever seen anything like this before?" Catherine replies sadly, "How it manifested? No. But the cause? People throw things away every day." And on that down note, we end the episode.

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