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Rage On, Diary!

And as we breach Night's Plutonian shore, The Who takes us to credits.

It's still night when we return to Las Vegas, but Gil's oblivious to the external world. It's time for him to examine the eyeball, which has several long tendons and muscles still attached to it. Gil places it in a petri dish and takes pictures. We get a flashback to the moment of removal -- yum! -- and then we see Gil removing the contact lens in slow motion. Gil then injects a syringe into the eye with a wet, squishy sound and pulls out some of the vitreous humor. I'm sure we're supposed to be all grossed out by the close-in shots of a syringe going into an eye and pulling out goop, but since it's not like Gil is doing this to an eye still attached to anyone's living, breathing self, it kind of loses its impact. After Gil's done with the eyeball, we watch Catherine take apart the raven's nest, amusing herself as she pulls out item after item. Gil comes in and tells Catherine, "You'll be pleased to know the eyeball was only slightly desiccated." Catherine asks about the iris, and Gil tells her it's still blue; Catherine replies that color distinction means the body's been dead less than 48 hours. Gil knows this, of course, and mentions in passing that he's sent some vitreous fluid to tox and some to DNA. He then asks Catherine, "Can you get me an eye for an eye?" Oh, wait -- that was only in the closed captioning. Those of us who listened to the episode as well as watching it witnessed Gil ask Catherine for nest info. Catherine picks at assorted bits and pieces, and then she and Gil go into a discussion of the types of feathers the raven used to line its nest and make it warm. They're seagull feathers. Gil immediately pegs Lake Mead, and Catherine reminds him that's only the case when the fishing's good. Catherine adds that the Lake Mead hypothesis is null, what with the ground limestone they've found in the nest too. Gil the bug doctor then continues to lecture on birds: "Ravens are incredibly intelligent; they have a brain capacity comparable to dolphins." How much do I wish Nicky had been around for this so he can ask when Gil got so smart about the birds, and why it's somehow okay for him to break out the ornithology but not Nicky. Catherine's not down with measuring intelligence via organized communication or creative problem-solving. Instead, she says, "It means she knew where to shop. We found the eye here [at Floyd Lamb State Park]. I'm thinking that she shopped here [at Pendale Land Fill] where limestone is used as ground cover."

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