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And now, a flock of ravens is seen flying in intricate patterns overhead. They say when -- oh, screw it. We go from the flying ravens to flying rubbish as garbage trucks disgorge their cargo. Off-screen, Sara busts out the trivia with, "You know the average Nevadan generates three times more waste than the average American?" We see Sara -- in blue coveralls and hard hat, just like Nicky and Catherine -- walking toward the pile. Nicky adds some context to Sara's number by pointing out that they're factoring in tourist-generated trash -- all thirteen million pounds of it per day. Sara adds that she went to a recycling forum in March. Good for her. Catherine gets back to the here and now, pinpointing the area in which a body would have been likely to have been dumped within the time of death. Nicky watches the refuse shower down and says, "Man! You find the best evidence in the nastiest places!" Sara comments, "You are what you throw away -- it's like peeling an onion into people's lives." Think about that the next time you throw away your bank statement without shredding it first.

Back in the lab, David the All-Seeing Coroner is standing in front of a series of lighted x-ray films that could double as Phoebe Glockner illustrations, telling Gil, "The electrolyte and glucose levels in the eye were normal. That means your victim wasn't dehydrated or diabetic. Other than that..." "We're flying blind," Gil finishes. That man's remorseless once a pun's in sight. Gil then strides off, exhibiting enough social skills to recognize Emergency Backup David as the younger man stands over a body to begin autopsy. Emergency Backup David returns the greeting with, "Hey, Gris." The informality causes Gil to screech to a halt and fix Emergency Backup David with a glare. Emergency Backup David quails for a moment -- the poor guy tries so hard to connect with the CSIs on their level and consistently misses the mark -- then pulls back the sheet to recite, "Thirty-five-year-old guy, car salesman, dropped dead at work [of an] apparent heart attack. Not under the care of a physician. Uh, no history of high blood pressure. Just a routine autopsy." Not a bad recovery -- only a little shaky on delivery, and given that Gil is visibly trying to summon the ability to shoot beams of fire out of his pupils, "a little shaky" is understandable. Gil grins from the nostrils down, and then his face does relax and he winks a little -- I had to rewind and rewatch twice to confirm that it was intentional and not a facial tic or figment of my imagination -- before saying, "Go for it." Emergency Backup David realizes that Gil isn't going to humiliate him in front of his boss -- or worse, in front of any of the women he works with -- and calls over David the All-Seeing Coroner to supervise him as he does the autopsy.

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