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Meanwhile, Emergency Backup David is slicing open the stomach and dumping out a black, viscous goo. Across the body, David pulls on his glasses for a better look. Emergency Backup David pokes around the stomach lining for a bit, then announces, "If the poison was administered orally, I may know how it got in the bloodstream." Gil is suddenly all ears. Emergency Backup David gives us a small lecture in the pathology of stress: "Gastric ulcer. In a healthy, functioning stomach, mucosa lines the walls and prevents the hydrochloric acid from burning the organ itself. But if H. pylori gets in there, it sends the whole system off-balance, stops the mucosa and causes an ulcer -- opens a direct channel straight from your stomach to your bloodstream." There's a long pause, during which we can all recall the TMICam which took us on a magical journey from healthy mucosa to disease-riddled slimy pit of pain; then Emergency Backup David says cheerily, "I know a lot about stress-related ailments." Gil nods. David the All-Seeing asks if there's any word yet on the poison, and we learn that the gum has been ruled out. David tries to rescue that one as a suspect -- "gum churns up stomach acid, instant inflammation" -- but Gil's not terribly sympathetic to Stearns's indigestion. He only wants "to know what killed him."

Sara and Nicky want to know about Amy Ennis. Sara whips out a skimpy piece of lingerie, noting, "She wasn't in town on business." She does a little pantomime with it for Nicky, and he quips, "Depends on what her business was, I guess." He ought to know. Sara comments that there's nothing risqué about the rest of Amy's wardrobe, and Nicky suggests that Amy got the lingerie in Vegas, as she could have met someone in town. Then he fumes the steering wheel of the car and -- miracle of miracles -- produces a perfect print that turns out to be those of one Kelly Easton. Since Catherine's coming back with hair-sample DNA (from the hairbrush found in Amy's luggage at the Tangiers) that matches Amy Ennis, the Amy/Kelly evidence confuses her until she connects the dots: "Easton, Easton...174 Storm Cloud Lane?" Nicky asks, "What's the first thing you do when you don't want to be found?" Catherine promptly answers, "Leave town." Nicky adds, "And change your name."

Cut to the patrol cars parked outside 174 Storm Cloud Lane as the neighbors gather in the streets and mutter about how the next meeting will be devoted to coming up with passive-aggressive strategies for running the Eastons off the block before property values take a hit. Catherine's talking to Easton -- whom we all remember as the sad sap she was questioning a few scenes back -- and asking, "Wanna take a mulligan on your first story? 'Divorced'?" He snaps back, "What the hell was I supposed to say? She went out to get her hair done and never came home." Well, why not? Catherine develops the anti-rapport with, "Maybe you gave her a reason to leave -- spousal abuse, cheating..." From the depths of the couch, Mr. Sobell snarls, "Maybe you're being a jerk. All of a sudden, you're not so pretty." He's a tough judge of character. Easton's all, "You people. You were here five years ago" -- which he neglected to mention last time he chatted up law enforcement -- "with your grid searches, your dogs, your cadets, you came up empty. You give me a good reason why my wife left me. I'd love to hear it, because I tried the truth. I didn't know what happened. You know what I got for it? They all think I killed my wife. Her parents sued me for custody. I lost my job, my friends. Only thing [sic] I got left are those kids and this house." Catherine softens a little: "Okay, you didn't kill her. At least back then."

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