Grave Danger

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Plump Fiction
Gil: From where?
Catherine: Where do you think?
Gil: Catherine, if the press finds out about this, it'll look like Sam Braun bribed the lab.
Catherine: He's a casino owner, a leader of industry, never convicted of a crime, and right now, I don't care about the integrity of the lab at the moment. I care about Nick.

And there you have the differences between Ecklie, Catherine, and Gil in a nutshell: Ecklie immediately tried to play the system so everyone could save face, Catherine went outside the system regardless of consequence, and Gil...did whatever it is he's been doing. Selling rare bugs on FleaBay to rustle up some ransom? Gil points out that he, too, cares about Nicky. Catherine plows over him with, "You're sitting here staring at your coffee cup with your deep thoughts, like Jack Handey, and if you've got a better plan, I'm all ears!" Gil looks deeply wounded by that. He finally sighs and admits, "All right. But I make the drop. You're hands-off." Catherine protests, "But it's my money!" "You can't be seen anywhere near this money," Gil snaps. He continues, "It was given to the lab anonymously. Agreed?" Catherine agrees.

At the appointed time, the Nickyfeed cuts out and an address scrolls across the screen: "4672 Carney Lane -- Boulder HWY. Be there in 20 minutes, or don't bother coming." I hope it's only a short trip, then. Evidently, it is. In a very nicely framed shot, we see Gil, clad in black like a particularly hip monk, standing next to a telephone pole, on a slab of pavement that's been bleached by the sun. A warehouse lists in front of him, its washed-out walls fading into the pavement and making the blue sky pop out in sharp relief. It's just a really nicely balanced composition; I can't do it justice by trying to explain why it's so pretty.

Gil walks on in, checking out the scene as he goes, the bag bumping his leg. He opens the door to the dark warehouse. The first thing he notices is the white SUV. Gil takes out a flashlight, does a once-over, then shouts in the harshest voice we've heard on this show, "Las Vegas crime lab!" A voice intones, "Through the dooooooor." Oh my God, it's John Saxon! Have I wandered into a B-movie? Gil wanders into the warehouse, passing a dead dog. Well, now we know where the entrails came from. And it was a very pretty dog too.

After warily picking his way through the warehouse, Gil arrives at John Saxon's office. John Saxon is seated at his computer, watching Nicky on the monitor. He drawls, "Pretty quiet outside. Almost sounds like you came alone." Gil's in no mood for the chitchat. "I've got your money," he says. Gil puts down the money and slides it over, as requested. John Saxon walks over to it, and asks, "You're telling me there's a million dollars in here?" Gil is. "Along with some cute little booby traps. Which is it? A tracer, a dye pack --" "Normally, you'd be 100% right, but this time, you're 100% wrong. We want Nick back, no tricks," Gil says.

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