Grave Danger

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Meanwhile, poor Archie's back at the lab, stuck on Nickycam watch. Poor baby. Come and let us find some way to ease your pain. I bet that shirt's causing a lot of it. Anyway, Warrick comes over to ask how Nicky's doing, and Archie's expression instantly slides; he shakes his head as he says, "I can't say. About the same, I guess." Or maybe even a little better: Nicky's figured out how to adjust himself so we get the full impact of that nice square jaw, instead of the Ed Grimley effect. Archie heads off to get some coffee, and Warrick sees Nicky slide back into a more unflattering camera angle.

In the box, an increasingly sweaty Nicky tries to adjust. The lights go out for a moment and the fan thing whirs down, then we see Warrick punch the button again. Nicky raises his head and gasps, "Enough with the...enough with the damn light!" Then we get a TMIcam shot: it appears that the fan is linked to the light, so no light equals fresh air. Wow, that's really sadistic. Nicky has a few moments of cool, quiet dark. Then Warrick punches the button again, torturing his friend. John Saxon has thought of everything!

Meanwhile, Sara prints the thumb. Unfortunately, there are no hits on the print. Sara sighs in frustration and disappointment.

Warrick sucks down some coffee and clicks a button, cutting short Nicky's few seconds of respite. Nicky weakly whispers, "No…" I know it's wrong, but he reminds me a lot of how the cats respond the minute we put them into the carriers. Except we actually give them air most of the time; the cats just enjoy carrying on as if we don't. No matter how many times we explain to them that they're certainly getting enough air to fuel a six-hour complaining spree, they still can't grasp it.

Anyway, Nicky notes the light at the foot of the coffin. He then fishes a piece of gum out of his pocket -- it's gratifying to see a reference to one of the episode's earlier details -- and chews it briefly. Warrick watches this in puzzlement. Nicky then places the chewed gum in his ears. Warrick leans forward, asking the monitor, "What are you doing, Nicky?" We're all watching the feed now: Nicky's picked up the gun and switched the safety off. Warrick is out of his seat from the tension, and he asks again, louder this time, "What are you doing, Nicky?"

Nicky brings the gun close to his jawline and Warrick says urgently, "Don't do it, Nicky!" Nicky tucks the gun into his neck, and Warrick rears back in dread. Then Nicky aims at the light by his feet and fires. The shot, which must have appeared to be heading for Warrick via the camera, makes Warrick jump and shout in surprise. He then shouts at the monitor, "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" The screen is black.

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