Grave Danger

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Above ground, the CSIs work on the scene in near-silence. Liam finally picks something out of a bin and blurts, "Hey! I find a trigger wire! Maybe once we, ah, reassemble the components, we'll be able to tell where the bomb came from --" "Yeah, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe if we count up all the damn maybes, maybe Nicky will be alive! Know what I'm saying?" Warrick snaps. He kicks a canister in his anger. Although it's aimed at Liam, the outburst gets Catherine's attention. Liam finally loses his temper, yelling, "Was that necessary? Never MIND my clothes, look at the EVIDENCE, dumbshit!" You can guess which part didn't make it on to network television. Catherine decides that now is when she'll head on over to talk to Warrick, instead of delaying it another ten minutes so Warrick can maybe wreck some more evidence.

Catherine's idea of taking control of the situation? Asking, "How you holding up?" I don't understand. Does she have short-term amnesia? Did she miss Exhibit A in "The Mystery of Warrick's Emotions"? Warrick finally reveals what's bugging him with, "I just can't help thinking that could be me in that box, you know? We flipped a coin for that trash run." Catherine says, "Nicky is not inside that box because of the flip of a coin." Not to be disputatious, but: yes. Yes, he is in that box owing to a coin toss. Warrick then shouts/mimes that if he were in the box, he'd have shot himself. This is assuming he could move: I suspect the reason Nicky's all Mister Wiggly in that box is because he weighs all of 98 pounds, whereas Warrick's got some height and breadth on him. Anyway, Catherine mouths platitudes and Warrick sensibly ignores them. Besides, he's too busy concentrating on his big breakdown: "Catherine, if something happens to Nicky, if we don't bring him back in one piece --" Then what? You'll have a second clip for your Emmy reel?

Liam breaks into the pregnant silence to point out something interesting: all that viscous oil Warrick kicked all over the place during his tantrum is seeping into a crack; there's something buried beneath the floor of the building.

There's a tense digging scene; Liam, Catherine, and Warrick are hopeful that they've found Nicky's prison. Meanwhile, beneath the ground, Nicky hears a series of cracks. He begins shouting for help.

More digging, more shouting, more digging, more shouting. Nicky begins singing "Christmas in Las Vegas," probably because it's become the mantra he's using to gather his wits and keep from exploding into mindless panic. Warrick announces he's hit something; the scene switches to Nicky beating a tattoo on his coffin as he rasps the lyrics to the song. It's all very tense. Catherine, Liam, and Warrick are in the hole, scooping out dirt with their hands and shouting Nicky's name. As the taps and creaks increase on Nicky's end, he shouts more frantically. So! Tense! SO! TENSE!

And then, Catherine and Warrick uncover a dog. This is the best bait-and-switch shot of the episode. It's a great way to jack up the viewer's nerves and really keep them on tenterhooks. Catherine bursts into tears of frustration as she says a few times, "It's a dog. It's a dog." Warrick's face screws up as well and he hurries away from the site.

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