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Gil realizes that Nicky's crazy with fear and finally shouts, "Poncho!" This cuts through the fog: Poncho is what his dad called him, and parents stand for comfort. Gil slaps his palm on the coffin top and says, "Listen to me. Put your hand on my hand." Nicky does. Once Gil sees that Nicky's coming out of his blind panic, he says, "Now listen: there may be explosives under the box. They're probably set on pressure switches. We need to equalize your body weight before we can pull you out, okay? Poncho, nod your head if you understand me." Nicky nods. Gil then hops off the coffin and tells everyone, "We're going to use the dirt from the backhoe to equalize his weight. I need a rope and a carabineer." Gil then scampers down to the coffin again, places his hand atop Nicky's, and tells him, "All right, Poncho. We're going to open the lid and get you out. But I need you to stay lying down, okay? Or else you'll blow us all up." Does anyone really think somebody who's been cycling through adrenaline spikes, ant attacks, and near suffocation is going to be in any condition to leap out of a coffin? Gil does. He presses, "Do you understand that? Do you promise?" Nicky does, and he does. Gil double-checks with, "Poncho, say, 'I promise.'" Nicky does.

Finally, Warrick and Gil open the lid to the coffin. There's no way Nicky's getting out of there on his own power. For one, he's crying so hard, he's about to move from a solid state of matter to a liquid one. Warrick holds his hand and tells him in a soothing tone, "Lay still, lay still…" Once he's got Nicky calmed down, Gil orders the backhoe over. He hooks the carabineer to Nicky's belt and orders, "Poncho! I want you to close your eyes and hold your breath." Then he shouts, "Now!" Once again, Nicky's buried under a lot of dirt. The key difference is, this time, the CSI tug-o-war team is there to pull him out. There is another explosion. At the end of it, Nicky's lying on the ground, spasming and mumbling.

Within seconds, he's cleaned up real pretty and slid into the ambulance. Warrick and Catherine climb in. Everyone else -- Ecklie, Gil, Sara, Brass, and Liam -- stands there. They're all wearing black and looking somber: it's like they're a nerd rock band or something. Will the first album be called Ogling the Coffin? Will Sara be allowed to jam on the bass or will she be given a tambourine and told to look pretty? Gil sighs. And without turning to look at Ecklie, Gil says wearily, "I want my guys back." Ecklie gives him a look, and the scene fades to black.

Another pan over Vegas, in the golden light of early morning. We see a CSImobile head down the road, then move to what must be the women's prison. Kelly sits down in a visitor's booth. Her mouth quirks up in an imitation of a smile; it's the ghost of the social conventions surrounding an introduction, and it's more heart-rending than anything else she's done. She and Nicky both warily pick up their phones. She asks, "You the one?" Nicky says shakily, "Yeah...yeah. Back at you." Kelly keeps staring, hard. (Side note: This actress is very, very good at conveying the sense of the defenses she's had to erect on the inside.) She asks, "What do you want me to say? I'm sorry?" Nicky, who still sounds seriously stuffed up, says, "Nah. You didn't do anything to me. And what your dad did...I guess it's because he loves you so much." That does it for Kelly. I can see why: her dad's dead, he was her tie to when she was alive, and to have someone who's been tortured come out of it and say that instead of going hard and bitter...it's too much for one person to take. Choking back a sob, Nicky tells her to pick up the phone again. She does, her own face twisting uncomfortably. He leans forward and says urgently, "In a few years, when you get out of here...don't take it with you." He looks at her; she asks tersely, "That's it?" It is. She hangs up and walks off, spitting at the guard, "We're done." Nicky collapses back in his chair again, repeating, "That's it? That's it?" He's really shaky, and when he walks off, you can tell he's reeling.

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