Grave Danger

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Plump Fiction

Kelly's walked back to her cell. When she's locked inside, she curls up on her bunk, clutching a pillow. The camera pulls in on her face, which is half in shadow and half lit. It's such subtle symbolism! I wonder if it means anything.

And that's it. Aren't you glad we had all those extra scenes with the Dukes of Hazzard and Wayland Flowers' Madam? Who needs to see things like Nicky's reunion with his parents, or the fallout after the case? And who really wanted to see how Catherine asked for the money? Or how Gil pressed the case to get his guys back? Or how Catherine responded? Why worry about that when we can see Gil carrying on about the Roy Rogers Museum instead? Aren't irrelevant scenes more rewarding than narrative depth?

That's it indeed. Episode over, season over. As always, thanks for reading the recaps, sending me email and posting in the forums. Thanks especially for your patience as I experimented with nicknames, and a special thanks to my altruistic, munificent Hawaiian benefactress. And thanks to able sub M. Giant and the editor who always has my back, Sars. ["Any time, lady." -- Sars] Have a good summer, everyone!

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