Grave Danger

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Cut to Sara telling Gil that the Styrofoam cup yields no clues. Gil groans, "We're not going to get lucky with this guy -- he knows how to work clean." Liam comes charging on by to tell Gil that he's just pulled all of Nicky's active and recent cases. Gil orders, "I want to know who had a grudge against him: civilian complaints, death threats...there was a guy a couple of years ago that stalked him, he may be back." Liam assures him he's on it.

The camera smoothly shifts from Liam's retreating back to the workstation where Hodges and Warrick are busy narrowing down the potential types of vehicles parked in that dry space to all of seven: the 2001 Ford Explorer, the 1999 Chevy Suburban, the 2005 Ford Expedition, the 2002 Ford F150, the 2003 Chevy Avalanche, the 2004 Chevy Tahoe and the 2002 GMG Denali XL. Hey! The CSImobiles are Denalis. Wouldn't it be funny if Nicky was abducted by someone driving a CSImobile?

Sadly, Warrick's survey of traffic-camera footage does not provide us with that amusing irony, as he and the video tech find a Suburban that seems to fit the projected driving pattern, but then get distracted by a Ford Expedition that's booking.

Meanwhile, Nicky continues to sleep. The anonymous abductor waves around a pair of clippers front-and-center on-camera, then clips Nicky's restraints. We get a shot of Nicky's belt, and then pull back so we can see that Nicky's still out of it. The hand then snaps a glow stick and drops it on top of Nicky; a gun and a tape recorder are next, then a few more glow sticks. The camera pulls back and we see that Nicky's encased in a Plexiglas coffin, and the lid's just come down. We see shovelfuls of dirt begin to fall. Eeee!

Meanwhile, the CSIs still above ground are captive to another Warrickian deluge of words: he's explaining that the Ford Expedition was hauling ass out of Vegas. Sara snaps, "Great. Nicky could be anywhere from Green Valley to Seven Hills to Arizona." Liam then points out that they're all assuming Nicky was in that truck. Catherine pipes up with the news that the white fibers are soaked in ether. The kidnapper works old-school. Warrick, naturally, has many comments on this too: "That stuff is volatile. Flammable. Outside of meth cooks, no one uses it anymore." Gil is staring, as if to say, When did you get permission to begin speaking more than two sentences per episode? Do you realize you're going to be mute through the entire 2005-2006 season? Catherine nudges the conversation towards possible suspects, Liam points out that Nicky really has nobody who wishes him ill at the moment, and Sara suggests, "Maybe, it's a random act." Shockingly, Catherine agrees with Sara, musing, "Whoever staged the crime scene couldn't have known that Nicky was going to respond." Warrick darkly adds, "It was just bad luck he did." Because there was the coin-flipping, you see.

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