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Of all the cases to leave open...

Back at the lab, the Young Turks are going through the stuff they took from the Kirkwood home. Nicky comments that "Miz Kirkwood was a Hoover. She even bleached the sheets." I don't even pretend to understand how vacuums and Clorox are linked in his pointy Texan head. Sara is thinking of deeper things. She doesn't understand how home invaders get in when there's no sign of forced entry. Nicky replies, "Ring the doorbell. That usually seems to work." Sara rolls her eyes in the universal sign for "whatever." Nicky then tosses out what Warrick identifies as a key piece of evidence. It's a bag bearing the same label as the container that held the cake at "old lady Maddie's" house. So respectful, that Warrick. Sara points out that the victims are now linked by the Lavish Café; Warrick checks the receipt and notes that it's dated from the night of the home invasion (10/08/03). For those who are curious, the Lavish Café is located at 14490 Kildare Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109; make your reservations at 702-555-2398. Warrick also notes that the receipt shows a dinner for one. Nicky muses, "Single women dining alone make for easy targets; all you'd have to do is follow them home." You know, rather than go into a seething rage over how delightful it is to be a woman and therefore susceptible to this sort of targeting by would-be criminals every time I have the nerve to go out alone, I'm just going to sigh and say, "Dammit. Mabell watches this show, and now she's going to be all paranoid about eating out alone." Then again, given the entire tenor of this episode, eating out alone would probably be the least of her worries.

We then establish that the Kirkwoods and Madeline Foster were linked by the same waiter as well; he looks a little taken aback to have Brass, Gil, and Warrick lined up and glaring at him. The waiter says, "I haven't seen Maddie in a while, but Mrs. K comes in every Thursday while her daughter's at soccer practice." Brass asks if the waiter knows all his customers so well. Ryan the waiter replies, "I try to chat up the ones who come in alone; I feel bad for 'em." Gil is giving Ryan the fisheye, as if to say, "I eat alone all the time. Why should anyone feel sorry for me?" We establish that both Madeline Foster and Mrs. Kirkwood were weekly regulars. Well, if the waiter chatted me up while I was dining solo, as opposed to sitting me by the kitchen and making me feel as though I were invisible, I'd become a regular too. Brass asks where Ryan was after his shift on Thursday night, and he replies that he was the best man at his friend's wedding; he then goes overboard proving he was. Brass smiles and says, "Down, boy." Ryan heads off to minister to other solo woman diners, and Warrick opines that someone who radiates clean living like Ryan is not likely to run with Steve. However, the scuzzy-looking busboy trying not to catch Gil's eagle eye does.

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