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Of all the cases to leave open...

Unfortunately, nobody does, so Suzanna is left to stare at the men in mute fear as they come forward one at a time.

Out in the lobby, Kirkwood's still holding forth: "You never forget. Truth is, you do forget. And then you remember; it makes it worse. It was like, uh, it was like my brain doesn't know where to put it." We then see a flashback to the whole home invasion, which is every bit as brutal and violent as you might imagine it would be. If nothing else, this episode should have impressed upon anyone watching to lock the doors and to check to see who's ringing the doorbell before answering. Back in the present, Kirkwood says, "It must've run through my mind a million times: somebody breaks in, I get a baseball bat, everybody out the back door. Call the cops. My family's safe." Gil is looking even more moved; if he were anyone else, they'd be sniffling discreetly. Kirkwood keeps going, "And I just stood there."

Which is about what Suzanna's doing now when faced with Kelly. Yep, she's near catatonic. And just in case we didn't get enough rape flashbacks tonight, here's one more, complete with sound effects.

Kirkwood again: "When Suzanna was a little girl, Linda made me put those child-proof locks on all the kitchen cabinets. I complained. You know what she said to me? She said, uh, 'The least we can do is make her safe in her own house.'" Gil struggles for words for a moment before saying, "Mr. Kirkwood, you didn't do anything wrong." Before Mr. Kirkwood can elaborate further on how he feels like he failed his family, Suzanna comes charging out looking for him. He gets up, saying, "Baby." Suzanna begins crying on his shoulder, and he begins comforting her, because it's the least he can do. An unhappy-looking Sara watches them go on down the hall. Brass walks down with Sara and tells Gil, "She froze up; she couldn't do it." And nobody wants to maybe keep the Kirkwoods around for a bit until they're calm enough to process the news that a probable suspect now knows they went to the cops -- and is walking around free, just biding his time? Kelly was a risk, he's not behind bars, and nobody thinks to maybe give the Kirkwoods a heads-up on how risky they considered him? Anyway, Sara argues that Suzanna's reaction should be enough. Gil asks Brass what he thinks, and Brass reiterates, "Unless she writes a number down, there's nothing we can do." Except issue an informal heads-up, casually say, "If I were you, I'd consider taking a vacation," try to see if Mr. Kirkwood can accompany his daughter to another lineup for support...it boggles the mind. True, Suzanna should have understood that letting Kelly go free would endanger her, but I daresay Sara could have maybe backed off on the touchy-feely and spelled out that logical chain of events for someone too panicky to think of them herself. Anyway, Gil ends the scene much in the manner that I do -- by rolling his eyes in frustration.

Not even the sight of a shirtless Warrick in the co-ed locker room puts me in a better mood. Catherine comes in and makes some small talk, because who wouldn't? She says she was sorry to hear about the case; Warrick sighs and says, "We were so close. You don't even know." Catherine says, almost by rote, "Oh, he'll be back. We'll get him eventually." Warrick kind of nods. Catherine then asks, "Wanna go for a ride?" That's a little direct, even for -- oh. Never mind. Warrick replies, "That's probably safer than anything else I had planned." Catherine gives him a half-smile.

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