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Of all the cases to leave open...

Cut to the two of them walking through someone else's lushly treed backyard. Catherine's explaining how Frank Maddox was faced with the realization that his braggadocio led to his downfall, he couldn't handle losing face, so he decided to end it all. In death as in life, Frank's vanity had the final say; he wanted it to look like a manly homicide, instead of a wimpy suicide, so he attached the balloons to the gun and pulled the trigger, counting on his releasing the gun as a way to let the weapon drift out of the scene. It's almost too bad he didn't have one of those involuntary muscle spasms when he did it; it would have been a whole different case for someone who found a body on the bench with a balloon-festooned gun clutched in one stiffening hand. Anyway, Catherine finds the balloons in the tree where the gun was found. She grins, pleased that she cracked two cases in one.

Gil and his eardrums are in the dimly-lit lab; something baroque-sounding is playing as Gil reads. Brass comes to the door and says, "Get your kit." He gives Gil an obviously meaningful look, and Gil takes a moment to stare ahead as if he's dreading something.

And then we're back at the Kirkwoods' house. The senior Kirkwoods are standing just outside the yellow ring of crime-scene tape, and the camera pans down to show Suzanna lying in a pool of blood. There is a bag of groceries dropped near her head. I'm still not sure if this was a drive-by retribution (Suzanna's unloading groceries, and Kelly shoots her in a way that sends her to the ground and kills her without taking half her head with her) or a suicide (Suzanna somehow kills herself in her driveway, her mom or dad is walking up the drive with bags and drops one from shock). Either way, she's now dead. Gil stands on the edge of the scene, looking stunned. The camera switches to Suzanna for a moment; she has a smear of blood above her eyebrow. What, if anything, that means is unclear. Gil in near tears. He searches the crowd for Mr. Kirkwood and finds him standing behind his wife; the two of them are locked together. Well, if it was a drive-by shooting, I'm betting one or both of them would have no problem identifying the assailant. Gil then notices Sara standing on the edge of the crowd; she actually is crying. I'm thinking that the best thing they can do is get her away from the crime scene so no defense attorney can charge that she tampered with the scene or the evidence. I'm also thinking the best thing Las Vegas PD can do is brace for the inevitable lawsuit, once Mr. and Mrs. Kirkwood retain an attack lawyer who brings a suit alleging that the LVPD endangered Suzanna's life somehow. There may not be much chance of them winning -- for all I know, there's some waiver that anyone who participates in a lineup must sign absolving the PD of any responsibility should a lineup guy (or girl) hunt you down and hurt you outside police HQ. Regardless, it would interesting to see whether or not this show ever hammers out where law enforcement's responsibilities end.

In any event, we end with an aerial shot of Suzanna's death scene. While it's clear that Gil is standing there and directing the evidence collection, it's unclear who he and Brass are watching. Sara eventually ducks under the tape and walks past a somber-looking Brass before sitting in a car and just watching the scene. Gil pulls on his gloves, grimaces, and then the scene goes black.

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