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Of all the cases to leave open...

Back in the B-plot, Catherine is dropping off the unregistered, no-prints-havin' gun with Rich the Replacement Ballistics Guy. Rich takes a moment to express appreciation for the "sweet piece" -- a .32 Beretta Tomcat with a titanium frame and a stainless steel barrel and slide, so it's lightweight. Catherine replies, "Light enough for a five-year-old to use." Rich replies, "Ouch." Catherine then adds that the kid's okay, and Rich pretends he was concerned. He loads the gun and makes the requisite two shots so he can begin running a match on the bullet. Rich finds something, which he announces with, "There's showing up for work, then there's doing your job. Warrick brought in a coroner's bullet last week. DB in Maslow Park. You just found the murder weapon." I wonder if the park was named after Abraham Maslow, and the park designer kept walking around insisting that the park needed swings and benches before it could self-actualize.

Anyway, the DB is one 47-year-old bounty hunter Frank Maddox, who died courtesy of a single .32 round to the side of his head. The gunshot was close range, from a downward angle, and there was no gunshot residue on Maddox's hands; he evidently died around two in the morning, there was a lot of wind -- Catherine interrupts Warrick's recitation of the facts with, "Warrick, your notes are great. Let the case speak for itself." Warrick shrugs and says, "All right. I gotta go see my mummy." Awww. That would almost be sweet if we didn't know he was referring to a desiccated corpse.

Actually, the clipped-off fingers have grown nice and plump following a short bath. Liam the Lab Tech picks one out with a pair of forceps and stares at it while saying, "You know, I could've sworn I heard Grissom telling you to do this." Warrick replies, "Yeah? You know what rolls downhill?" My observations from last week about the radiating Gil effect? Liam mutters, "Apparently, bloated fingertips." Warrick appeals to Liam's CSI-wannabe-itis by saying, "C'mon -- you've got a lot of new skills to master. Field work's a little messier than your test tubes and your GCMS." Liam snipes, "And a lot less accurate." Warrick counsels, "One continuous motion, nice and easy." Liam almost manages it. Warrick tells him, "That's not bad. Keep practicing. Nine more to go." What, because one of them won't be shredded beyond recognition?

Warrick rolls on out of the lab and saunters on through the Labitrail, catching Nicky and Sara heading in the opposite direction. Sara thinks the mummy in the closet sounds "very cool" -- which I suppose it is, once the circumstances under which the poor woman became a mummy are divorced from the situation -- and Nicky grouses good-naturedly that they've got a 406, or breaking-and-entering, to check out in Henderson. Warrick says derisively, "Nothing spells excitement like a B&E." Oh, little does he know.

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