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Of all the cases to leave open...

Cut to Catherine weighing the gun, then measuring out an equal weight in small lead balls. Warrick asks, "You got a theory?" Catherine replies, "You got ten bucks?" I think I'm going to start answering questions like that and see how much money I make before people catch on. Anyway, Warrick digs up the money.

Back in the bleak A-plot, Gil is telling Brass that Stevie's dental impression matches the bite marks on Suzanna's shoulder. Brass replies, "Consistent, but not conclusive. I spoke to Mr. Kirkwood -- he wouldn't confirm or deny [Stevie's] story." What was that about the terror lingering? Making Gil's bad day worse, Sara rounds the corner to announce, "Hey! Guys, we're screwed." Liam fills us in: the semen from the rape kit doesn't match Stevie, and there are no hits on CODIS. Sara concludes, "There was more than one guy; she was gang-raped." And then we go to another excruciatingly vivid rape flashback, this time with multiple assailants. You know, I've never been sexually assaulted, and I'm finding this to be a tad intense; I can't imagine how someone who had lived through this kind of experience might react. Back in the Labitrail, Brass grouses, "This gets cheerier by the moment." Everyone agrees that without figuring out who the second guy is, they can't put anyone away, and another person or family is likely to fall victim to the two home invaders. Gil snaps angrily, "We've given them no reason to stop."

So he deals with this by going to visit the Kirkwoods. Will wonders never cease? She opens the door, and Gil introduces himself. She stands there until Mr. Kirkwood, nee Stephen Root, shoos her off protectively and says brusquely, "What do you want? I already told the police I have nothing more to say." Gil begs to differ: "I think you do. And I need you to speak for someone who can't speak for herself, another victim." Mr. Kirkwood says, "I don't care about another victim." Now would be a fine time for Gil to say, "Maybe someone else's attitude like that led to you being a victim in the first place." But he's more sensitive than I am, so he doesn't. Suzanna hovers like a ghost. Gil says that they know there were two men who broke in, and they've already got one suspect, but they need Mr. Kirkwood to talk so they can get number two. Mr. Kirkwood reiterates that he can't help, and he goes to shut the door on Gil. Yeah, good luck with that. Gil's got some sort of supernatural juju -- nobody shuts doors on him. Gil pleads that the CSIs have done everything they can, but "I need what you saw." Kirkwood goes kind of tangential with, "Do you have a wife, children?" "I have roaches. Trained roaches," Gil replies defensively. Oh, he does not. He merely replies in the negative. Kirkwood continues, "Then you can't possibly understand how I feel. All I am to you is a folder in a drawer." Gil tries to understand this strange logic by asking, "And if I had a wife and children…?" "Then you wouldn't be here," Kirkwood says. He then manages to shut the door on Gil after repeating that he can't help him.

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