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Dead Man's Party

Cut to Jacinda explaining that yes, she dug Jamie. She asks what happened to him, and Ecklie says cheerfully, "He died." It's left to Vartann to explain that they contacted her because her name was on a napkin, and she quickly spills the story: the two of them actually got frisky under an airline blanket, but prudence won out before the two of them decided to join the mile-high club. Ew. Not the airplane sex thing. The airline blanket thing -- those little rags are nasty; I'm surprised they're not used to suppress libidos. Jacinda tells them that Billmeyer had told her he was flying in to party with friends in Seven Hills.

Meanwhile, back at Trip's dorm room -- which Sara and Liam are surely getting tired of, despite how freakin' large it is -- Sara tells Liam they're looking for sources of CO2. "It comes from factories, cars and volcanos. It's not something we're going to find in a dorm room," Liam mopes. Liam has clearly never heard of the MIT pranks. Sara is busy wondering if someone pumped in gas via a vent, but Liam's too distracted by his newest discovery: "A sex journal! Names of girls, dates, and sexual activities." "Boys and their conquests," Sara sniffs. Frankly, I'm stunned that Trip was even literate enough to manage the details he had. Liam's reading through the entries. "I've never even heard of some of these," he marvels. Sara turns around and asks, "Really?" I have a feeling she's not averse to schooling the boy. And that...I have no idea how to feel about that. On the one hand: good for her for moving on from Gil. On the other: can't she find someone to date outside of work? When she invites Liam to help her move the bed, it kind of works on a number of levels. But the one we're most concerned about: there's a hole in the wall between Trip's room and Zach's, and it's just the right size for a gas-bearing pipe to be inserted. When they head over to Zach's room, there's a brief conversation about how he's a car buff, which somehow leads into the implication that surely, someone who's into mufflers would be able to drill a muffler-sized hole in the dorm room wall. Zach is all, "I didn't even know the hole was there!" He does not point out, "And it's kind of stupid for you guys to even imply that my interest in cars gave me the know-how to pump CO2 into Trip's room."

Meanwhile, in another plot, Catherine and Warrick have tracked down the owner of the helicopter as he lands the thing. What, the guy who figured out it was a helicopter wasn't allowed to put on his big-boy pants and go outside? Warrick says something that usually strikes fear into the hearts of the unwary -- "We've got information that puts you at a crime scene," but Morgan Wendel merely smiles and says, "You're here about Kevin." He says, "I'll tell you everything, but I want immunity." "We'll see," Catherine replies, whipping out her cell phone so she can call a D.A. and see about a deal. In another episode in a parallel universe.

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