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Gil goes poking around the garage, which is populated with a small fleet of cars. He feels the hoods to see which one was most recently driven, and when he finds it, he tries to door -- it's locked. He opens the garage door, wanders down to where Sara and Grasshopper, his Adopted Son Number Three, are standing, and says, "Question: you come home, see your husband lying in the driveway. What do you do?" "Make sure the insurance premiums are up to date, call the travel agent and -- ooops. Was that in the out-loud voice?" Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three wonders. Oh, not really. He actually asks if that's a trick question. Sara says, "Stop. Jump out. Run over to him." Gil counters, "Or take the time to pull into the garage, park and lock your car?" Sara looks around to see if there's a larger point here; Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three is still stuck on the trick question part.

Meanwhile, Ecklie's bumped up against the crime scene tape, trying to mend fences with Catherine: "Look, it's not that I think you're an incompetent hussy --" Oh, wait. That's the subtext talking again. It gets louder all the time, as per Catherine's "I smell crap." Even Ecklie looks startled at this incursion of the subtext, and asks "What?" Catherine orders him not to take another step. What do you know -- there's crap on the sidewalk. Since the Eigers have neither children nor pets, the real mystery is where the fecal matter came from. Catherine bags and tags it, then gets all subtext-y again with, "I saved you from putting your foot in it." Ecklie smiles tightly and tells her, "I appreciate that."

Up on the balcony, Nicky's finished getting Catherine's attention with "What supervisor art thou, that, thus bescreened in night / So stumblest on my counsel?" He's got Bruce's launch point. Catherine puts down her digital camera -- since God knows she'd never want to take pictures of the launch point or anything, and it would only drag her down as she attempts to scale the summit of Mount Mansion there -- and heads upstairs.

Sara's still working the ground. She looks at an oily stain on the driveway and explains to Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three that the rich aren't like you and I -- their cars run on chocolate, and pixies immediately lap up all unsightly stains. Or something along those lines. The point is, there's oil on the driveway and Gil's just told his flunkies to swab it and compare the oil against whatever nation's reserves the Eigers drained to lubricate their fleet of cars.

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