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Catherine, meanwhile, is having the no-good, horrible, very bad day, what with arriving back at the Eigers' place right around the time Donna's draining Hoover Dam in her quest to hose off the steps. Shouldn't she have help for that? Blood doesn't come out of concrete that easily, and Donna doesn't strike me as a hands-on kind of gal. Anyway, Catherine begs her to stop, and Donna ratchets the overreaction up to eleven with, "Am I supposed to look at his blood?" Catherine's all, "Gotta take some photos, please, just -- oh, why don't you answer that cell phone call already?" Donna takes it -- and loudly reacts to getting dumped by Sy via the cell phone. I can just imagine him saying, "Um, right. It's not as fun to cuckold a dead guy..." Catherine shamelessly eavesdrops. Then again, anyone who conducts a personal conversation on a cell phone in front of someone else more or less deserves whatever eavesdropping they get.

And then there are a few very awkward moments where Catherine attempts to bond with Donna over what ungrateful louts men are, but Donna quickly shuts her down with, "The sisterhood thing you're trying to get going here, it's really not working for me. You can't con a con, sweetie." Catherine consoles herself by noticing the very full trash cans at the end of the driveway and bringing back their contents to the lab. Once there, she tells Warrick, "Sara and Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three went through these cans last night. They were empty." Warrick comments on what a busy little bee Donna's been.

While Warrick's hefting rolls of carpet, Catherine is pulling the world's largest diaper out of the trash can. The edges aren't clean. The creepy-little-lullaby music kicks in again; the music supervisor this season is doing a bang-up job. Warrick concludes that the safety pins could match the bruises on Eiger's hips. Catherine says, "We can probably get DNA from the blood, but to confirm that Eiger actually wore this thing? Mia's going to have to test the urine inside, lucky girl." Warrick resumes rolling out the rug. Catherine, meanwhile has fished out a very expensive-looking off-white slingback pump and asks, "Do you think Donna always takes her laundry to the city dump?" Warrick replies, "I've got handprints and feces on the carpet." Let's assume that he thought her question was rhetorical and was moving on; otherwise, this conversation's taken a turn for the surreal. Warrick continues, "He wasn't just incontinent, he was --" "A freak," Catherine says.

Warrick's fairly grossed out too. But he manages to rise above it and point out that there are indentations in the carpet; Catherine's convinced they'll have to go back to the house and put the rug in its original context. What, in the West Faecaltorium?

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