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Gil's all, "No," and Sara looks up to snap, "What do you want from me?" Gil replies, "I want to know why you're so angry." "Well, I'd like to know why you're so emotionally illiterate but you don't see me badgering you for answers after you've had a bad day at work," Sara shoots back. Oh, she does not. Instead, she replies that she's angry because the guy she used to dig seems to be getting interested only because she's making noises about moving on. Oh, she does not do that either. But wouldn't you love it if she did? No? It's only me?

Well, it turns out that Sara's angry because she's now dealing with childhood trauma: her parents were in a relationship -- it's not clear if it was a mutually abusive one, or what -- and one night, her mother stabbed and killed her father. A cop on the scene commented via Technicolor yawn. Sara comments that it's funny what the mind remembers. Gil, looking like he acutely regrets asking the "Why for Sara make the angry?" question, struggles to reply, "Well, the mind has its filters." Then Sara's left lobe checks out of the conversation entirely as she asks, "Do you think there's a murder gene?" Gil, fortunately, has enough left brain for both of them: "I don't believe genes are a predictor for violent behavior." You'd think that both of them would also be acutely aware of the environmental factors that influence someone's violent tendencies. Sara alludes to this with, "You wouldn't know it in my house. The fights, the yelling, the trips to the hospital -- I thought it was the way everybody lived. When my mother killed my father, I found out that it wasn't." This is the point where Sara starts crying as the words "EMMY CLIP! EMMY CLIP!" flash over the bottom of the screen. In a rare moment of emotional insight, Gil reaches over and takes her hand.

Back on the case, Brass continues to tell Ken Wellstone he's a dirty liar, what with the tar on the carpet matching that Svetlana was encased in, and the blood on the jacket she wore in the E.R. the night she got her jaw cracked matching his blood. Ken finally admits he and Svetlana were a hot item, she wanted out of her marriage with Melton, and she thought faking a crunchy beating at the hands of her husband would speed the process along. And also totally discredit the problem of abused foreign wives who may not know their rights in the process, but that's a small price to pay for the chance to be with her Kenski, no? So Ken cops to breaking Svetlana's jaw. Such a tender love story!

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