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Cut to Melton being carted off. His wife is understandably concerned. In swoops Chloe, to begin helping out by telling her completely untrue things like, "Did you know chewing gum takes seven years to pass through the human digestive system?" and "It'll be okay, honey. It'll all work out." Brass watches the scene with disgusted resignation.

And now, the personal scene you've all been waiting for: Gil walks into Catherine's office. Ecklie's seated behind her. Gil's all, "You wanted to see me?" and Ecklie says, "Sidle's disciplinary action. What's the holdup?" Gil says matter-of-factly, "Well, I'm not firing her." Ecklie takes a moment to roll his eyes. Catherine, clearly peeved, asks, "What action are you taking?" "I thought I'd string her -- and the viewers -- along for a while in an attempt to sustain this unconsummated sexual tension until we've wrung out every last iota of interest from even the most credulous viewers," Gil says. Then, "Oh, wait. That's supposed to be punishment for Sara, not the audience." I kid! He tells Catherine in a none-of-your-business tone that he's already taken the action. And from the look on his face, it's plain he's disappointed that she's standing with Ecklie on this one. Ecklie snarls, "I thought I was clear." Gil coolly replies, "You were. Now let me be clear. Sara's behavior is a direct result of my management --" "So I should fire you," Ecklie interrupts. Gil sidesteps him with, "But you won't." Ecklie tries a different tack: "I've been there. We get attached to people, we try to fix their problems. It doesn't work." Gil shoots back, "She's a great criminalist, Conrad, and I need her." "I'm sure you do," Eckie smirks, adding, "She's a loose cannon with a gun, and she's all yours." And he's a mixed metaphor with a bag of clichés. The episode ends with Gil looking at Catherine like, "I am so disappointed that you are a party to this, Miss Braun," while she gives him the cat-caught-in-the-houseplants response. Tension! Will it continue through sweeps? We'll find out in a week.

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