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When we come back from commercials, Ecklie is tearing into Sara: "You are a law enforcement officer and a representative of this city. I expect you to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner in and away from this lab." Sara sets fire to the bridge she's standing on with, "If this is going to be one of your 'for the good of the lab' speeches, don't bother. I've heard them." Ecklie tells Sara to take a seat. She noticeably does not; Ecklie is too busy rummaging for her file to log this. He says, "Willows is a supervisor. You will treat her with respect. Insulting her in front of coworkers --" "She's not my supervisor," Sara points out. Ecklie spins around in his chair and snaps, "All right. Your superior. Sara, you berate witnesses, you disrespect the people you work with, you luck your way out of a DUI. Take a look -- you got half-a-dozen complaints in your jacket! And if Grissom really documented your performance, there'd probably be a dozen more. That's not the kind of person I want in my lab." Sara then proceeds to dance to the rhythm of the bridge toll-taker's screams as the flames crackle merrily: "The only reason you're in charge is because Grissom doesn't kiss ass. You couldn't hack it in the field, so you fail your way up, you break up our team, and now you just hang out in the hallways, waiting for one of us to screw up." Ecklie informs Sara she's on one-week suspension without pay. He tells her, "When you get back, you're apologizing to Catherine." Even the troll pokes his head up to complain that the heat is getting to him and he's run out of goat kebabs as Sara lobs another incendiary device in the middle of the bridge and tells Ecklie she will do no such thing, and walks off. I may not agree with how Sara conducted herself, but she gets points for knowing how to make an exit.

Catherine walks into the lab where Warrick's working, and he's all, "Mom, is Sara in trouble for talking back to you in front of the principal?" Or something like that. He asks what's going on, and to her credit, Catherine tells him she's not getting into it. Well, yeah. It is kind of hard to play huffy victim when the first thing someone will ask is, "Why didn't you just take the discussion to your office?"

Anyway, Warrick's analyzed the jacket Svetlana was wearing the night of the original abuse charge (the jacket's been in evidence storage) and there's blood there both from Svetlana and an unnamed male. The male is unnamed because it's not Melton, who had voluntarily given a sample back when this brouhaha went down. So it's entirely possible that Melton, while a despicable weasel, is not a wife-smacking despicable weasel. Warrick goes on to share the discovery he made whilst poking around the jacket pocket: a Russian-to-English dictionary, with several words of an amorous nature helpfully marked for future reference and a strip of photos wherein Svetlana is canoodling with someone who is most emphatically not her husband.

And now, it's time for Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three to remind Catherine that one known substance speeds through the universe faster than light, and that one substance is gossip. He's all, "I heard Ecklie suspended Sara!" and Catherine's all, "Mmm, yeah, don't wanna talk about it." He asks, "What are we going to do about it?" and in a tone that lays ice on the glowing embers heaped where the bridge Sara torched once stood, Catherine replies, "Nothing." Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three replies, "Sara's always been there for anyone who needed her. She's always had my back. So what if she flew off the handle a little?" Catherine snaps, "She crossed a line with a suspect, she failed to tell me I look pretty and all men desire me -- I mean, 'she was inappropriate with me and with Ecklie,' she needs the time off." Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three watches Catherine walk off and thinks that she's not as hot now that she's The Man.

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