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When Double-Coupon Promotions Go Horribly Wrong

Oh, it's nothing so exciting as that. Fromansky's on administrative leave pending an internal affairs review. Gil is wearing a look even I would like to smack off his face.

Meanwhile, it's the meeting of the single moms as Celeste sniffles that there was no way she could warn Clay that there were a few armed men scampering around the store. Anyway, there's sob-story machinations to explain why Henry (the boy) was at the store: Celeste's no-good ex bailed on babysitting. Catherine looks exceedingly gooey and empathetic, but some unknown agency has wired her jaw shut so she can't go on about how the dead, duplicitous pancake-making bastard used to stiff her on parenting duties too. And to that unknown agency, I say, on behalf of a weary viewership: Thank you. Anyway, Celeste sniffles her way through a narrative that's equally as useless as the previous ones, and Catherine eventually wrenches her jaw open to ask of the sleeping child clutching a Whatchamacallit bar, "Henry likes his candy, doesn't he?" Celeste sniffles that he's got five cavities to prove it. What, because her bastard ex is force-feeding the kid Skittles? It's not like she can't banish candy from the house. Anyway, Celeste asks how Catherine figured out Henry's candy jones -- because the candy bar in his paw wouldn't clue her in or anything -- and Catherine tells her that they found Henry near the candy rack. Celeste sniffles that Henry never listens to her.

The sun is going up or down on Las Vegas as if to indicate the passage of time. I'm going to guess that it's going down, since many of the past scenes took place in what could plausibly have been the daylight hours following the shooting.

Back at the Labitrail, Nicky's bossing a few nameless lab techs around, bidding them to make sure there are always two people in the room as they double-count the money found in the trash bag, and then to check the final amount against the register receipts. Catherine pops in then to ask why all the money was in the cash registers (and ripe for thieving) as opposed to staying nestled within the store safe. Nicky takes her on a tour of cash register equipment: "See that light? It's called a halo. It's keyed to the sensor in the cash register. At a set amount, that light goes off, letting the store manager know it's time to transfer the cash to the safe. Now check this out…" He punches some buttons, and Catherine notes that most of the halos are lit. For the slow viewers at home, Nicky says, "Maximum cash, just waiting in the drawers." Catherine figures the thieves did their homework before knocking over the joint.

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