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First, Do Not Give Away The Ending In The Title

Cut to Gil and David booking down the hall to the morgue. David's telling Gil that Rivers had Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a cardiac condition that can lead to extremely rapid heart rates. The resultant arrhythmia can produce palpitations, light-headedness, or loss of consciousness. David picked up the W-P-W when he was looking at the tissue sections in the histopath lab and happened to notice a defect in the atrium of the heart -- which we all see, courtesy of the TMICam. Gil asks incredulously, "So the game had nothing to do with it? It was the heart." "Not necessarily," David clarifies, continuing, "Remember that quinine I found in his system? Lethal for someone with W-P-W. Big scars didn't do him in; it was the little scar." Gil, who simply can't let anyone ever get the last word, mutters, "Someone still gets an assist."

Warrick is in a lab, working on a tray of samples, when Nicky comes in and razzes him for making like Sara and coming in to work on his night off. Warrick shuts him down with the pot-kettle argument, then launches into an explanation of what he's doing: checking out a new lead with the bartender. He squirts a pipette of solvent into a sample tray, and we all see it turn purple. Nicky says, "Marquis Mecke Froeke," which about as much sense as "Klaatu barada niktu," until Warrick explains, "Test for opiates." Nicky realizes that the coasters test positive for heroin. Warrick continues to explain as a grainy flashback plays, "[The bartender] was dealing from behind the bar. He sandwiched the drugs between the coasters; that's how he did it. Those two coasters in Grevey's dressing room, we assumed it was two people, either a user or supplier. There weren't [two people]. It was just the victim." Nicky paces, not looking too happy with that explanation. Warrick prods, and Nicky says, "He wasn't the only one with two coasters, man." Surprise, surprise; it turns out Lillie's fond of the double-decker method too. The two of them dispute whether or not Warrick needs to get the hell away from the Lillie situation before it gets any more complicated. Warrick says coldly, "Why don't you just let me handle my business?" Nicky snaps back, "Then handle it." Warrick shuts down, giving Nicky a glare before stomping out of the room.

And now, Gil and Sara are talking to Jane, who is recalling the details -- complete with flashback -- of the time she and Rivers were in bed together and, mid-magic moment, "How do I say this? He stopped...he stopped ..." "Doing it," Gil supplies helpfully. Sara gives him a look, clearly wondering if she's insane to carry a torch for someone who refers to sex as "doing it." Jane thanks Gil for helping her with that delicate phraseology, then resumes with, "His face was flushed, he was sweating, it was all good, and then he just went soft and passed out. I was scared, I called the team doctor, the paramedics came and rushed him to the ER." Sara asks Jane if Rivers explained what happened after he came to. Unsurprisingly, Jane answers in the negative. She also shares that she took off, as she didn't want anyone to know she'd been with Rivers. Gil asks, "Worried that the father of your child might find out?" Jane replies, "I was sleeping with Terry, but I was dating Tommy." Sara, genuinely curious, asks, "What's the difference?" Jane clarifies, "Terry was a bad boy, the kind of guy you just can't get out of your system, who's on your mind all the time. He used to drive my friends crazy. Tommy...husband material." Sara listens to this frank revelation of dating strategy and looks away, clearly pondering something. Perhaps she's wondering who would be friends with Jane.

Back at the lab, Gil, Catherine, and Sara pool data. There was no quinine in Rivers's apartment, no indication from his medical records that he had had malaria, nor any indication that it was prescribed. Sara fills us in on Jane's exoneration: not only did she not have access to quinine, she didn't know it would kill him. Who, oh, who would want to harm Rivers by giving him medication that could kill him? Catherine notes that someone with access to medical records could do so.

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