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First, Do Not Give Away The Ending In The Title

And, lo, the arena doctor is now talking to Brass. What? But he's a doctor! He swore an oath! It was in the episode title and everything. The doctor folds; yes, he gave Rivers quinine at the last game. As for motive...we see a picture of the doctor with Jane in Italy. Gil remarks, in a tone bland enough to seem polite, yet barbed enough to evoke reaction, "Jane's had a couple of boyfriends since then." Hell, Jane's had a couple of boyfriends since this episode began. We see flashbacks of the poor doctor constantly stumbling across Rivers and Jane rutting in public. The doctor says, "So what? So what if I gave him quinine?" Brass points out, "It's like giving a candy bar to a diabetic if you know he's a diabetic." Sara jumps in and fleshes out motive for those viewers who still need convincing: the doctor arrives after the passing-out-during-sex incident; Jane throws herself into his arms, managing to fit "I still need you" and "it didn't work out, but we can be friends" into the same conversation, and wringing a promise from the doctor to take care of Rivers for her sake. Sara says, with an extraordinary degree of insight, "You were always cleaning up Jane's messes, weren't you? You knew who she would turn to." And then Gil chips in with, "But Tommy Sconzo is the father." He just gets an insane amount of delight out of announcing Tommy's impending fatherhood, doesn't he? The doctor looks aghast. Gil smiles a little and says coolly, "You killed the wrong guy." Brass walks the good doctor out, and that ends the A-plot.

We zoom in on an iris, then out to Nicky crowing at the bartender, "You're nearsighted?" The bartender, surrounded by Lockwood, Warrick, and Nicky, looks all sorts of busted. Nicky, who's still having problems with the economics of dealing 91 percent pure China White, asks the bartender for a clarification; the ponytailed man replies, "I didn't know what I was cutting. I probably got a bad batch of something." "Bad batch," Warrick echoes incredulously. As Lockwood cuffs the bartender, Nicky says, "Do yourself a favor, Slick. If you don't know enough about something, stay out of it." And that's one to grow on. Lockwood hustles the bartender off, leaving Nicky and Warrick alone. They have an awkward moment. Nicky asks, "Wanna talk about it?" Warrick declines. He then adds, "I'm going to meet Lillie. I'll see you back at the lab." Nicky shakes his head slightly, more in resignation than anything else, and Warrick gets a hostile look on his face, snarling, "You don't know me." He walks off, leaving Nicky staring off after him. Nick watches him go, hurt and concerned, and mutters, "Obviously."

By the time Warrick gets to the balcony where Lillie and her acres of gauzy dress are waiting, he appears to be in a more flirtatious mood, asking, "You hiding from me?" "Are you looking for me?" she asks coquettishly. Warrick was; he wants to talk to her. "About what?" Lillie asks; she shifts slightly so she's mostly facing him, and slides her hand up so she's cupping his face. She pats his cheek reassuringly, cajoling Warrick with, "We're not strangers anymore, remember?" Warrick concedes, and brings up his hand to caress Lillie's cheek on the opposite side; she leans into his touch and smiles before saying Warrick's name. He drops his hand and reaches up with his other hand to begin sliding down her arm while he looks at her, deadly serious. Lillie's smile dissolves as she asks, "What?" She then looks where he's looking -- at her arm, exposed for the first time, with scores of needle marks all along the crook. She smiles sadly. Warrick, looking quite somber, says hoarsely, "I'm sorry, Lillie. Life's too short. Goodbye." He pulls away; both of them are tearing up, yet utterly silent as he walks away.

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