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First, Do Not Give Away The Ending In The Title

Meanwhile, back at the B-plot, Warrick and Nicky are sorting through dumpsters in the hall behind the bar, looking for evidence and chatting about the case. Warrick's all, "I don't think the singer, Lillie, met him before last night so she may be in the clear." Nicky perks up at the mention of Lillie and asks, "You sure you don't want to start in the dressing room?" Warrick's skeptical: "Right. Like you're going to take dumpster duty alone." Nicky suggests that Warrick not take his cues from Nicky's personal life -- sound advice, that -- and multitask a little by making time with Lillie while investigating the murder that happened to take place some fifty-odd feet from her. Warrick is pessimistic about that prospect. Nicky points out that his attitude is self-defeating, then exercises a little reverse psychology by asking, "Mind if I go for her, then?" Warrick gives him a look, and Nicky assumes an expression of innocence before turning back to the trash and finding Grevey's works, wrapped in Lillie's scarf.

Cut to Lillie admitting that the scarf is hers, but anyone could have picked it up. I'm a little confused, because she was wearing a scarf when she was singing. Does she travel with a collection of these things? Warrick points out that the scarf is still hers. Lillie wants to know if they've found her prints on anything; Nicky replies, "We won't know until we print you." Lillie slings some more attitude their way; Warrick responds by staring, mesmerized. One can practically hear him thinking, "Dare I approach her? My heart pounded inside my chest. I felt a burning in my loins I had never felt before. Thus, I realized I had been...kicked in butt by love." Who wrote the book of love? Velvet -- it's as simple as that.

Jane and Sara are talking at the UNLV basketball court, with Gil and Brass there to referee. As players lope by in the background, Jane protests, "You're putting words in my mouth." Brass points out, "You said everyone hated him. Now we know why." He elucidates: the CSIs read through Rivers's computer files and discovered that he had managed to lose his assorted teammates thousands of dollars via pump-and-dump stock scheming. Jane attempts to distance herself from this mess by pointing out that she doesn't play for Terry's team. Sara corrects her and tells us all that Jane recently switched from the Rat Pack to Area 51. Jane defends her decision with, "Big deal. I wanted to win." Jane apparently takes her athletic competition tips from Jean Racine. Brass asks if Rivers's mismanagement of ten thousand dollars that formerly belonged to Jane had anything to do with Jane's decision to go to Area 51; Jane vehemently denies it. Gil picks up the conversational thread by telling Jane that her skate was the one that nicked Rivers's carotid artery. Jane defends herself with, "Look, it was a pileup. Everything was a blur. That's ten guys with blades on. Hey, I was just looking out for myself." Sara's not convinced: "He was a stationary target. He was on the bottom of all those bodies." Brass jumps in: "Like you said, nobody saw anything." Gil finishes with, "Including your skate coming down on his neck." Well, speaking of pileups, I think we just witnessed the CSI equivalent. Jane responds by projectile vomiting toward everyone's shoes; Brass leaps onto a chair, while Gil and Sara recoil slightly. Jane says weakly, "I knew I shouldn't have had that shrimp salad last night," and heads off to see about cleaning it up. As she exits, Gil gets a thoughtful look on his face. Brass tries to delay the obvious by asking, "You're not...?" Gil explains, "It's evidence. Food poisoning, especially anything with mayonnaise, can induce vomiting within fifteen minutes. She said last night -- that was twelve hours ago." Sara's got a whaddya gonna do? look on her face as she watches Gil fashion a paper envelope out of his notepad and scoop up some of the vomit.

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