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For wives can also be lovers too

Marty watches her go with a look of abject dismay. Warrick deadpans, "It seems the missus caught her husband collecting the rent from the late Melissa Pooley. She just waited 'til he left the building. Luckily, she left her prints behind. We had them from an assault case in '98." Well, that's convenient. Behold the clarifying powers of the post-48-minute mark! Marty moans that Nicky and Warrick should have waited until after he got paid before arresting Batgirl. Nicky tells him that they managed to get the city to pick up the tab this time. Marty is pleased by this. I am less so, as I perceive this resolution as a threat to make Marty a recurring character.

And now we hurtle toward resolving the A-plot. Gil and Sara open the drawer in which David stashed Vanessa, and check her torso against the photo. It's not a match, even without the giant autopsy incision making comparison tougher: the photo features someone with an innie, and Vanessa had an outie. Emergency Backup David then comes in to share something he noticed when he was preparing the body for pick-up -- port-mortem bruising around those mysterious puncture marks. Gil notes, "It can take a day or two after autopsy for the bruises to percolate through the soft tissue and become visible." Sara gets to the real point here: "Vanessa wasn't stabbed four times with a skewer. She was stabbed twice with a two-pronged instrument."

Liam heads back to the Cunninghams' pool and notices a set of barbecue tools dangling from the grill. Lo and behold, there's a fork. When Liam sprays it with luminol, it glows. Jackpot!

Sara, meanwhile, explains that she found many interesting things on Tom Cunningham's computer, not the least of which is an avid correspondence between Tom and someone on the Keaton email account. The last missive --which comes with photo -- reads, "U axed 4 my pic, so here is. SweetKeat." Gil and Sara take a moment to reflect on the demise of literate correspondence, then move on to the reply, which set up an assignation behind the skate park. Gil gives Sara a meaningful look. What, does he want to meet her behind the skate park too?

No. He just wants Brass to review security camera footage with Tom, so they can share an awkward moment as Tom realizes he's about to be charged with statutory rape for his activities with young Amy Keaton. Tom claims Amy came on to him, but that's not cutting it with Brass. Tom presses, "Does she look fifteen to you?" and his lawyer grits, "Tom, be very quiet." I would love to see how he asks his wife to cover for this. Tom says he's trying to explain, and Brass shoots back, "She's a minor. You're an adult. What's to explain?" The lawyer offers to make a deal with regards to information about Vanessa's death, but Brass is in no mood to bargain.

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