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For wives can also be lovers too

Yes, Gil. Feel free to stop feigning deafness and jump in at any point. The Emmy people only need a few seconds of this nonsense. Gil takes off his glasses and sighs. He does not say, "Now that you've assumed the worst of me and, as per usual, hidden behind your personal problems when you hit a roadblock professionally, let's talk about whether you'll be able to supervise people, or merely work them into a flirtatious tizzy." Instead, he rises above the petty and brings the boss-fu: "You want the job because you're worried about Lindsey?" Catherine deflates as she admits that's part of it, and Gil continues schooling her in the way of the boss: "The position calls for leadership, Catherine. You have to inspire others, solve problems…which means you have to leave your problems at home." Catherine takes a deep breath and makes a more effective sales pitch: "I want the job because I can do it. I'm qualified, I'm motivated, and I'm ready, Gil. You know it." Gil says simply, "I do." It turns out he's already sent in a glowing report and put in a good work for her. He adds, "The rest is up to you. And I hope you get it." Catherine gets all verklempt. She thanks him and leaves. Gil looks a little misty too. Or maybe he's having an allergy attack.

Back on the A-plot, Mia processes the condoms and the water-spot-free sex toys. She gives Gil and Liam a blow-by-blow (as it were) of her work, explaining that the condoms produced semen from ten different males. She adds, "The lubricant -- which seemed to be popular -- was good at retaining both epithelials and vaginal secretions. Eleven females, no CODIS hits." In other words, a lot of data, but no hard evidence leading to a killer. Vanessa's represented in the sample population; she can be linked to four separate males. "She was the belle of the ball," Liam says. I think he might want to reconsider whether "ball" ought to be singular or plural.

Cut to Mrs. Brady claiming she and her husband have a very strong marriage, because swinging saved their marriage. Brass and Gil look openly skeptical at this. Mrs. Brady explains, "Being with other people made us realize just how much I love my husband." Because one day, when the lady met this fellow…oh, I can't even finish the joke about the Brady Bunch, it's just so wrong. Cut to Mr. Brady claiming, "Erin is the greatest wife in the world." "But you still had sex with Vanessa Keaton." Mr. Brady explains rather lamely, "It's fun." As opposed to what? Compulsory swinging?

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