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Rabbit, Run

But instead they charge off to look for the country club locker where Roy allegedly stowed his million dollars ("I figured he was just hiding assets from his wife," rationalizes Paul). While Gil goes to do that, Catherine and Brass pay a visit to Logan's hotel room to find -- surprise! -- that he's gone. After she stalks into the bathroom and pushes aside the shower curtain, Brass follows and says quietly, "I'll call down and see if his car's in the parking lot." "Fat chance," sighs Catherine. She breathes deeply, trying to compose herself, but pushes off the vanity and blinks rapidly as she chokes out, "Son of a bitch!" She turns to Brass -- teary-eyed and angrily sniffling, but still composed -- and notes in a thick voice, "He had me completely fooled." Brass looks at her impassively, but not coldly. She continues, calming down, "I bet that locker's empty too." Cut to Gil, who, sure enough, is discovering this to be the case.

This prompts a scene where all five CSIs reconstruct what happens. I love it when they do this. Gil starts off by setting up the drinks between Mrs. Logan and Amanda in flashback, then bringing in Logan, who looks appalled to see both women together. Catherine notes, "Amanda broke the only rule: don't call the missus." We then see Amanda paying for it with her life. Nicky picks up the thread: "Now he really has a problem." Warrick cuts in: "Two problems -- his wife was going to leave him, and he was going to jail." Sara gets her line: "You've got to admit, his solution was ingenious." Back to Gil, who continues, "Most killers take their time planning a murder. He took his time covering it up. Forty-eight hours, to be precise. So Logan cleans up the crime scene and calls his lawyer, asks him to help with his little charade. I mean, what better way to protect your assets than to pay a kidnapper who's already on retainer?" Catherine picks it up again and notes that everything was calculated -- even picking her up. Gil notes, "I especially like that little show he put on in the coroner's, trying to figure out how much we knew." Nicky asks why Logan went to the bother of drawing a map to lead Catherine to the body; Gil explains that without a body, Logan would be under suspicion. The CSIs quickly come to the conclusion that he wanted to set up his wife for suspicion, and the money-marking was a bonus that further deflected suspicion away. Catherine says bitterly, "And I did everything in my power to help him." Nicky, who shouldn't consider moonlighting as a counselor to the down-and-out, says, "Yeah. And he's probably long gone by now."

Just then, Catherine's cell phone rings. Guess who it is? It's our friend the state trooper, who happens to have pulled Logan over for reckless driving. Cut to Catherine visiting Logan in his cell. "Bravo," she greets him bitterly. He comes up to the bars separating them and says, "You know, with all that money in my lap, we could have driven to Mexico." Yes, because we all could see that Catherine's cool, problem-solving demeanor was really a mask disguising her deep desire to be kidnapped by a man who will take her away from her life in Las Vegas. Catherine's not having it either: "That's right. You're short one mistress. I got to hand it to you, that was a brilliant performance. But then again, any man who juggles a wife and a mistress and God knows what else has to be a pro." Logan puts on the charm and smiles at Catherine as he explains, "You get so used to lying, you figure, what's one more?" Catherine gives him a look of pure contempt, then says, "Try explaining that to your son." Then she leaves. Any bets she's going shopping for whatever she's going to wear to the 2002 Emmys after she turns in this episode as her nomination tape?

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