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Rabbit, Run

Warrick: What do we do now?
Nicky: We wait. We don't have a crime yet.
Gil: [disappointed] Yeah.

The scene ends by focusing on a brooding Gil.

Back at the Dancing Digit Diner, Catherine's measuring out ice so she can preserve the finger. "Jeopardy" is still playing. Perhaps this is supposed to tell us Catherine's in jeopardy? Or perhaps Greg Kihn wasn't making enough on KUFX and sold the rights off with the stipulation that the little-known twelve-minute version of the song be played. We won't find out, because this is when the Lollipop Guild decides to check in, directing Catherine to drive to a remote locale called the Horseshoe Tavern. She has an hour to get there. On her way out, she puts the glass down on Sara's table. Tall, Blond and Blandsome registers the contents of the glass before Sara does, and asks her, "Is that a finger?" Sara picks up the glass to confirm that yes, it is, and yes, she's slated to have her love life forever sabotaged by work. As she follows Catherine to the street, Catherine gets back in the car and drives off. Sara watches her go and frowns.

In the car, Catherine orders Logan to open his briefcase, because she has an idea. Logan does, and Catherine whips out a wand. She explains, "I used this to paint my daughter's face for the school play tonight. She was the moon. I missed it." Then she composes herself and orders Logan to mark the edges of the money. It's a nice, subtle moment. Logan complies. The two of them talk kids -- Logan's got a son who's a soccer freak -- and then the conversation cools as they pass a state trooper. Logan's freaked that they'll be pulled over for a traffic violation. The cop does register the car as it speeds by, but does nothing else.

Back at CSI Central, Nicky's grilling Sara on her finger exchange with Catherine while Warrick hovers. Sara explains emphatically that "[Catherine] barely made eye contact. She just dropped the finger and walked out." Gil joins the Young Turks as they walk around the CSI building. Anyway, Gil asks for the whereabouts of the finger; Sara dropped it off at the coroner's lab, and they're waiting for David the Coroner to get back from Kansas City (perhaps he's known as "Autopsy Al" back there or something) where he's attending his brother's wedding. Gil confirms that it was the right index finger. Warrick gets his second line of the episode when he asks, "Any hemorrhagic tissue?" Sara replies in the negative. Gil grills Sara on Catherine's demeanor; Sara replies, "Like I told Nick, she completely ignored me." Gil continues, "And her behavior toward Logan? Was she under duress? Agitated?" Sara replies in the negative, clarifying, "It looked to me like Catherine was running the show." Which is more or less true: throughout this episode, Catherine's been keeping a cool head and trying to do her job without alarming the Lollipop Guild. Gil continues, voice pinched, "A severed finger, a million bucks, and Catherine's not allowed to talk to anyone?" Nicky jumps in with: "Kidnapping?" Warrick utters Line #4: "So who's worth one mil?" They prepare to scatter so they can begin talking to Mrs. Logan. Sara is still chewing on the odd coincidence that Catherine just happened to show up at the same diner where she was on her date: "It's not like [Catherine] knew I was going to be there." Nicky looks up and says quietly, "I knew." I guess we've nailed the staff Nosey Parker with that one. Sara gives Warrick a surprised look; he rolls his eyes in apology. She rolls her eyes dismissively in return and smacks him on the chest with the flat of her hand before stalking off. Hee! Warrick looks mildly amused. I bet what happened is Nicky told Warrick about Sara's earlier attempt to hook up, Sara told Warrick about her second chance with Tall, Blond and Blandsome, and Warrick passed it on to Nicky -- who then promptly spread it among the staff. Because what you want in a office full of professional investigators is to have the coordinates of your first dates made public.

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