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Rabbit, Run

What if? We don't get to find out, because Liam, Nicky, and Warrick are talking about the finger. They all agree that Mrs. Logan was way too calm to have seen it, but clearly, it was meant to send a message to someone. Gil and Nicky determine that Logan owned a townhouse; he wasn't renting it, but it was occupied. Nicky decides to get a warrant and go over there. As Nicky leaves, Warrick comes in to give a traffic report; Logan is leaving the gas station, according to the state trooper who spotted the car earlier. Gil orders the room to grab Sara, and announces his intention to head out.

Gil, Sara, and Warrick get out at the Horseshoe Tavern, and proceed to process all the evidence Catherine has so thoughtfully left for them. Because they're a polite squad, they take note of this; as Sara's snapping pictures of tire tracks and footprints, she says, "Thank you, Catherine." The three CSIs continue to work the scene, Warrick taking photos of the footprints, Gil coming back to share his discovery of a helium canister. "Helium for balloons?" Warrick asks, because there might actually be someone in America who hasn't ever sucked on a balloon and then sung "Follow The Yellow Brick Road." He then answers his own question, and notes that you can use it to change the pitch of your voice. The three recap the rabbit scene, sans the silly wabbit.

Meanwhile, Nicky's off having adventures in breaking and entering. Ah, the magical powers a warrant can confer! He walks into the deserted townhouse and mutters to the room, "Okay, talk to me." The room does -- or rather, a large white cockatiel squawks in response. Nicky wheels around, thoroughly freaked out, which is in keeping with previous incidents where he thought he was alone and turned out not to be. He regards the bird and sighs ruefully, then walks over to the answering machine. Many messages to Amanda from Logan. As Nicky's listening, he notices two half-filled wineglasses on the counter; each one bears lipstick marks on the rim. The bird continues squawking; Nicky says, "Too bad you can't talk. Maybe you can tell me where she is." Or maybe the bird can tell you it's gone a while without fresh water or food, so if Nicky can break out the sunflower seeds and a little Evian, he'd be much obliged. Nicky then bends down to get a closer look at the bird; its snowy feathers are stained in the front.

Then we're back with Catherine and Logan, who are at what looks like some sort of sewage substation. This is not going to end well -- we can see that already. After Logan does some desultory shouting -- because, really, Harvey the pissed-off rabbit is going to be meticulous about surveillance and logistics, but leave a kidnapping victim running around unsupervised and without a gag? -- Catherine notices a grill covering a drain and asks Logan to help her with it. The good news is, they've found Amanda. The bad news is, they've found her floating facedown in a pool of water.

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