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Out of the mouths of babes

Cut to Sara examining the Day Runner on an overhead projector. Warrick walks in, saying amiably, "Show and tell!" Sara replies, "Showing, but not telling. I found a day planner in the shopping cart. It's written in code." Sara then zooms up on the projector. For the record, the page format appears to be the Day Runner Week In View layout, where the days are piled on horizontally (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday on the left, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the right); there's a dividing line down the center of the page, and the subsequent columns are labeled with plus and minus signs. The entry at top reads in the plus column "T3 C 1023," and in the minus column "-10 OK, =0." Warrick comments, "Looks like ginkwork; it's the kind of thing speed freaks do when they've been up for ten days straight and they've already taken apart the radio." Sara replies, "Yeah...I write everything down in shorthand. You couldn't read it." Warrick gives her a skeptical look: "Shorthand." Sara: "Keeps things in order." Warrick asks, teasing, "You're not a control freak or anything." Sara rolls her eyes a little and gives a guilty smile before replying petulantly, "No." Meanwhile, I'm wondering when it became so wrong to code the information in your calendar: I have an entire system of abbreviation and color codes so I know what's going on. It works, dammit. Anyway, something finally clicks in Warrick's brain and he asks, "Sara, what's a homeless woman doing with a day planner and a $300 handbag?" A very good question. Sara asks, "That handbag costs $300? How'd you know that?" Warrick tells her he once bought one for an ex-girlfriend. Sara's amused by that. I'm impressed.

Meanwhile, Catherine's walking into Dusty the photo tech's lab and telling her that she's come up empty on missing-persons report and fingerprints. Dusty replies, "If she's not missing, she's in my world." We then see Dusty at a sleek silver laptop; the side-by-side photos of the dead woman's face are on the screen and projected on the wall in front of her. Dusty then begins airbrushing the image, section by section, and we see an attractive face begin to emerge, courtesy of a few different Photoshop effects. "She actually had a really nice complexion, a porcelain face," Dusty notes. She then goes nuts with the cloning stamp and we see a perfect face emerge -- milky complexion, elegantly arched brows, flawless bone structure. Catherine wonders if the corpse wouldn't be prettier if she could just do something with her hair. Dusty responds by giving the dead woman Courtney Love's 'do. "I said prettier!" snaps Catherine. Kidding. Anyway, they give the woman a curly, tousled blonde coif and blue eyes. Dusty studies the image and says, "I know her from somewhere." Catherine asks incredulously, "You do?" "Yeah," Dusty says thoughtfully. Meanwhile, I'm wondering if the actress playing Dusty is somehow related to Allison Janney (same general style of delivery, same general cast of facial features, especially around the nose and mouth), or if she's merely a by-product of the Hollywood Gene Project.

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